November 21, 2020

Twitter Fleets Launched: Twitter's Disappearing Tweets, Now Available for Everyone.

By Sona Mathews

Twitter has launched a new way to tweet for Twitter users worldwide. They named it Twitter Fleets. The Twitter fleets have a 24 hours life span, and it is said that it will replace the traditional permanent tweets.

And, here I am sharing everything that every Twitter user must know about the Twitter Fleets feature.

Twitter Fleets Launched: Twitter's disappearing tweets, now available for everyone: eAskme
Twitter Fleets Launched: Twitter's disappearing tweets, now available for everyone: eAskme

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What is Twitter Fleets?

The Twitter fleet is a new feature launched by Twitter.

This new feature gives the user ability to make tweets that will disappear after 24 hours. Twitter was testing the Fleets feature in Brazil since March.

The Twitter Fleets is now available for every single Twitter user in this world. Countries like India, Japan, South Korea and Italy have started using Twitter Fleets.

Fleets also allow you to add dynamic stickers such as Q&As, audio messages, Polls, and live video support.

Users can access the Fleets feature on twitter's Android and iOS apps.

Difference between Fleets and Tweets?

The most significant difference between fleets and tweets are here;

  • Tweets are permanent, but Fleets will disappear after 24 hours of publishing.
  • Fleets cannot be liked, commented or retweeted, but you can do this with Tweets.

Why Have Twitter Launched Fleets?

The main reason behind the origin of Twitter Fleets is to increase the time spent by every user. Fleets make it easy for Twitter users to say anything that will lose value within 24 hours and disappear even without deleting it.

Twitter has also confirmed that many users draft tweets but do not hit the tweet button. Fleets will help those users to tweet their minds without thinking for a second.

With Fleets, Twitter wants the platform comfortable for the users where they can say or tweet anything without worrying. Fleets can spark conversations. People do not spend more than 24 hours in most of the discussions on Twitter. And this is the reason why the Fleet's life span is only 24 hours.

What Can You share in Twitter Fleets?

A Twitter user can share everything such as text, Gifs, photos and 30-seconds video. Your Fleets will appear on the top of your Twitter page, and your followers can quickly join there. Users can send private messages or emojis to reply regarding your fleets.

It is also said that Twitter is working on live audio to enable a small group of Twitter users to talk privately with each other.

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