October 06, 2020

Twitter to Let Users Crop Their Image Previews

Twitter has decided to allow users to crop their images. This decision came after an extended criticism of Twitter as they crop the user images with their automatic system.

This is another important update from Twitter for its users.

All the Twitter users will crop image previews to control how their photos can display in the feed.

Twitter to Let Users Crop Their Image Previews: eAskme
Twitter to Let Users Crop Their Image Previews: eAskme


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The primary reason behind this change is the long time criticism. People were criticizing Twitter for cropping their images with its algorithm.

Till now, Twitter users do not have any control over how their images should appear in the feed.

The latest post form twitter explains that they are working on making way for the users to control the image cropping before publishing the tweet.

The image in the tweet composer is different than the photos that show to the users.

Twitter is going to fix that.

Why now Twitter decided to offer a crop feature?

The answer is the long time controversy.

Twitter Photo Cropping Controversy:

Twitter algorithm crop images to 6000X335px. This is always the same for every image, no matter it is horizontal, vertical, etc.

The algorithm crops the images and sometimes cut the vital part of the picture.

The issue becomes vast if the image is vertical.

There is no doubt that after clicking the image preview, users can watch the full image. But in preview, they are missing the essential parts.

Twitter’s response to this criticism:

Twitter to Let Users Crop Their Image Previews: eAskme

Twitter has decided to make the change. But when will they make the change or when the new feature will go live is still a question.

According to Twitter, they are doing a lot many things to develop a solution.

I always believe that it takes time to create something better. And Twitter is also doing the same.

They are not rushing. Instead, taking the time to create the best solution for twitter users.

In the coming days, Twitter will share more updates about the cropping feature.

Remember: Other than Twitter Instagram and WhatsApp are also using cropping and users are using No Crop tools to share full length photos.

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