December 03, 2020

Twitter Updating Rules Against Hateful Conduct

By Sona Mathews

Twitter has released a lot of updates and features this year. Now they are updating the rules on Twitter to keep people safe. The new Twitter's hateful conduct update is there to fight against dehumanizing language.

The hateful content or dehumanizing language is the reason behind offline harm, and Twitter is working on getting rid of such content.

Twitter Updating Rules Against Hateful Conduct: Twitter Hateful Conduct Update: eAskme
Twitter Updating Rules Against Hateful Conduct: Twitter Hateful Conduct Update: eAskme

Other people are atHow to Use Twitter Voice Tweets?

The Twitter blog has also said that there is no place for hateful, abusive, or harassing content on Twitter.

People are free to share their feelings but without using foul language.

What is Dehumanizing Language?

Dehumanizing language includes words or sentences that dehumanize others based on caste, religion, disease, disability, race, national origin, or age.

What is Twitter's Hateful Conduct Update?

Twitter has shared the example of Tweets they will keep removing after getting reported by the users.

Twitter HateFul Content Examples: eAskme


The Twitter hateful conduct algorithm will also find hateful content and delete it automatically.

If a Twitter user keeps on violating Twitter's hateful conduct rules, Twitter will temporarily suspend, lock, or enforce certain restrictions.

Twitter has received feedback from users, trusted partners, communities, and cultures worldwide. This feedback includes;

  • Twitter should share examples of violating content and explanation when they should consider the context.

  • Twitter should allow users to engage with hate groups or political groups.

  • Twitter should review the account fairly and consistently.

What is the Significance of Twitter's Hateful Conduct Update?

Dealing with hateful content is one of the biggest challenges in front of major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

It is essential to let the user share his thoughts; it is also necessary to control the abusive language, bullying, etc.

Hateful conduct is one of the primary reasons behind a lot of threats. Social media cannot be a safe place without getting rid of dehumanizing language.


Twitter is working for a long time to fight against dehumanizing content. But the challenge is vast. It is the social networks' responsibility to control the hateful conduct and the moral duty of the user to not share or post anything that can cause issues.

Bullying, body shaming, abusive language, or dehumanizing in any way is not what humanity needs.

To makes the Twitter platform secure and healthy, Twitter's hateful conduct is making a positive contribution.

As a Twitter, User, I know the importance of this update.

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