Turkish TV preacher Adnan Oktar condemned to 1,075 years for sex wrongdoings,

On Monday, a  Turkish TV station accused Muslim women of wearing illegal clothing and sentenced them to more than a thousand years in prison for "cats" for mistreating them sexually. . I was in prison.

Adnan Oktar spoke about the creativity and availability of creative clothing, many of which are medical-cosmetic techniques - switching to music played on television.

Turkish TV preacher Adnan Oktar condemned to 1,075 years for sex wrongdoings,: eAskme
Turkish TV preacher Adnan Oktar condemned to 1,075 years for sex wrongdoings,: eAskme

As part of the 4besnews police department's ban from meeting with the police, 20184 was more than 200 years with poetry.

Independent NTV said 1,075 unemployed people had been charged with rape, child abuse, defamation, and seeking political and military secrecy.

The court also sentenced Ababs and Oktar Bobana, two prominent members of Oktar Samiti, to 211 and 186 years in prison, respectively.

Authorities told the Anatolia News Agency that Fethullah al-Jin, the US-led Islamic missionary accused of bombing Turkey in 2016, was an ally of the government.

He denies entering Glenn and plans to ride a "Metropolitan Legend" sex bike.

Anadolu said that 266 people interviewed, including 8 homeowners, received their first home.

Since the September 2019 hearing at the Supreme Court, most of the accused have maintained their impartiality.

In the early days, which were watched by the Turkish media for a long time, the judiciary said that the violence was a lethal and light nerve.

In October, the executive judge said he had about 1,000 girlfriends.

"My heart is always full of respect for women," she said at another conference in October. "Love is a human nature. Islamic nature."

"I am very strong."

Awtar first caught the public's attention in the 1990s, when he became the head of the criminal system.

The A9 Internet A9 website was launched in 2011 by top Turkish officials.

The station, which was repeatedly hit by RTU, which controls the Turkish media, led to the government shutdown after police actions at Oktar meetings.

One of his wives, Sisi, told the court that he had beaten Oktar and the other women.

The F9news told the court that some of the women who were attacked must take preventive medicine and that they were 17 at the end of the day.

Police have found information about birth control laws in 699,000 homes, and Akatar says they are used to treat skin problems and infections.

Turkish experts seized Oktar's property on the Asian side of Istanbul, which also lost all of its possessions in 201 incidents on the TV channel.

Akhtar rejected Darwin's views on development when he wrote the 707070-page Atlas of Creation under the name Aaron Yahya.

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