February 28, 2024

22 Quick, Dirty and Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions

Every webmaster, blogger, marketer, and online business wants these. The whole lot of things has been shared online to improve content marketing.

22 Quick, Dirty and Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme
22 Quick, Dirty and Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme
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Matthew Michaelwicz from “The Goal Pyramid” has shared an impressive infographic. Matthew has broken down the biggest goals of any online business such as;
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Leads
  • Sales

Goal Pyramid: Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme

Into real time tasks. Understand the fact: “small steps add up to big achievements.” You may have tried content marketing strategies.

But this time, I am uncovering a huge list of 21+ dirty, quick and actionable content marketing tips to boost traffic and conversion. Choice is your that you want to try;
  • One
  • Few
  • or All.
Each tip will help to achieve your content marketing goals.

Traffic Hacks:

Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme

Blog post titles are the very first thing that visitors notice. Impressive headlines are the key to get more traffic and engagement. Here is the actionable, dirty and quick content marketing tips with hacking titles.

Be Specific:

Titles are the first thing that interacts with visitors. Titles should state the benefits and should perform in the best manner. Here’s an exclusive example of this;

Use Actionable Verbs and Strong Adjectives:

It is the time for bloggers to polish grammar skills. Enrich your blog post titles with word bank and start using the better words to leavean impression.

Example; “10 Ways to Use SEO” is not as compelling as “10 ways to change SEO game”.

In Doubts use actionable words;

Replace all the “to be” with non actionable words in your blog post titles. Actionable titles are more attractive.

Count the readers:

When writing headlines focus on talking with your audience. Use words you and your.

Use Numbers:

It is one of the oldest yet effective ways to boost traffic. Adding numbers to headlines increase click-through rate. The big reason behind is that readers prefer such posts.
Overall headline preferences: Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme

Example; “Ways to boost traffic” is not as attractive as “11 Sure Fire Ways to get Traffic to your Blog”

Ask Questions:

Headlines should boost curiosity among readers and help them with answers. Here is the example;
Ask Quetions: Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme


There are tools available online that you should use to create helpful headlines. You should use headline generators.

Use Proven Phrases:

Buzzsumo has shared a case study of headline openers on Facebook to boost engagement.
Top phrases starting headlines: Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme

Draft Headlines:

Don’t just blindly write headlines. Headlines are important part of blog posts. Give proper attention to blog post titles. You can use pen and paper, word document or notepad to draft headlines. Create a list of headlines. Make small changes using words, phrases, verbs etc to create the best sounding headlines.


If nothing work for you then rephrase titles.

Headlines mirror your content:

Don’t misrepresent blog post titles.

Hack Conversion techniques:

Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme

Blog post headlines are responsible to boost traffic and conversions. What to do with the content part? I am listing some of the quick and actionable conversion techniques. Implement these techniques to generate more leads.

Expose Most Important Information:

If you are able to keep the readers on your page then you can easily boost conversion. Write compelling content with focus on the audience. Use points, headings, images etc to give the best shot.

Bucket bridges:

Bucket bridges are responsible to grab the attention of the readers. Use them to make the visitor read your posts. How it works? End paragraphs with question and start next line with answer. Or use phrases and colons; And start a new line. It always works.

Add action in Call-to-Action:

Use Call-to-action to share the action. Call the visitors to do something. Use call to actions such as;
  • Register for free trail.
  • Subscribe
  • Share
  • Grab freebies.
Here is the call-to-action from optinmonster.
Call to action: Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme

Stop using generic words in Call-to-Action:

Stop using generic and boring call-to-action words such as;
  • Click here
  • Continue
  • Enter
  • Submit

Avoid Passive Voice:

Passive voice can lower the effectiveness of your content. Use the available tools to get rid of passive voice in your content. This will help you to reduce bounce rate. You can use Hemingway editor to avoid passive voice in your blog post.
Avoid passive voice: Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme

Tap into Readers fears and Anxieties:

Make your readers help you boost conversion by making them;
  • Sign up,
  • Click on links
  • Opt-in, etc.

You can do it by tapping into fears and anxieties. Example: Get emotional with visitors and provide the best solution.

Add live Chat:

Chatbots and live chats can play important role in boosting the conversion. It is always helpful to be available for your visitors 24/7.

Use customer service to solve their problems and then add sales team to dive them to conversion.

Killer Lead Management:

Lead magnet with valuable ingredients can boost conversion. Publish cheat sheets, case studies and ebook guides to solve common problem.
Killer Lead management: Content Marketing Tips for Traffic and Conversions: eAskme

Can’t write, Hire a freelancer.


Focus on understanding user behavior of your website or blog. Use heatmaps to track user moments to understand what is their attention and interests.

Heatmaps will help you understand how and where users are engaging with your site. This information will help you boost conversion.
  1. New leads/customers with emails:
  2. Boost email signups.
Use email subscription options to;
  • Welcome visitors
  • Share story
  • Offer free tips
  • Send emails

Content Scoring:

Content scoring is one of the best way to analyze the performance of your exiting content.

By scoring content performance you can easily plan next content marketing strategy.

Final Words:

Tip: Test and learn. You cannot improve your content marketing if you do not learn new things. Be ready to get your hand dirty. Take each step to improve better content. You have questions? Share via comments.

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