March 06, 2021

Why is the FCA Regulated Broker so Important?

By Sona Mathews

Over the last few years, trading platforms have grown like mushrooms.

This multitude of offers is not always a guarantee of quality.

Many brokers opened in recent years have now had to close their doors for lack of compliance with the supervisory authorities' rules.

Why is the FCA Regulated Broker so Important?: eAskme
Why is the FCA Regulated Broker so Important?: eAskme

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Reliable brokers are under the supervision of the regulatory bodies covering the specific country or region.

For instance, the FCA stands for Financial Conduct Authority covering the UK, and ESMA is the European Union's regulatory authority.

Here are some good reasons to always choose an FCA regulated broker.

Why choose an FCA regulated broker?

It is indeed essential to find a regulated online broker for several reasons. Here they are:

To avoid scams

Choosing a regulated broker serves above all to avoid scams and bad investments.

A regulated broker must indeed submit to many rules.

In particular, the company must provide detailed explanations about the charges applied to their clients and the use of funds deposited by clients.

The privacy policy of the website must also be impeccable.

Therefore, the data provided is systematically kept confidential to protect clients and minimize the risk of identity theft or theft.

To protect your funds

By choosing a regulated broker, your funds are protected.

Your money is placed in an independent bank, which ensures that you do not lose anything in the event of the broker's bankruptcy.

In fact, regulated brokers must be fully transparent concerning the risks of the financial instruments used. They must offer transparent and secure trading conditions.

Regulated brokers also offer limited risk accounts, which guarantee not to lose more than the initial stake with maximum authorized leverage reduced.

Finally, opting for an FCA regulated broker makes it possible to protect yourself in the event of a dispute.

It's possible to file a complaint with the broker's regulatory body in the event of a conflict. Without it, there is no guaranteed remedy.

How to choose your FCA regulated broker?

The first thing to do to not make a mistake in choosing an online broker is, of course, to check its approval from a recognized supervisory authority, in this case, FCA.

When a website has obtained the right to operate by a competent authority, it necessarily mentions it on its pages (generally in the legal information).

You can also visit the FCA website to check the status of a broker.

Forex trading is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s advisable to choose the company operating from your country.

Still, there are some advantages to choosing a broker based in another country.

But beware ...

Some foreign websites display an FCA logo, but that does not mean that they are regulated!

We must make the difference between the authorization to practice granted to foreign websites and the regulation itself.

A foreign site that has obtained authorization to operate in the UK does not necessarily have the same obligations as a UK website.

To find out the exact status of a foreign website, you must check with the regulators.

Once these precautions have been taken, all that remains is to choose a broker whose services match your needs.

Types of trading accounts offered, minimum deposits required.

Choosing the right broker takes time, and it always requires noodling it around.

Although some offers from unregulated brokers may seem particularly attractive at first glance, especially with large bonuses, the risk of not getting the money you have earned does exist, and many individuals see their capital disappear every year.

The proven way to find a 100% reliable broker is to check broker reviews that contain all the necessary information.

In Conclusion

Choosing a regulated broker is not always easy.

But it is essential.

An FCA regulated broker allows you to make investments adapted to your needs while avoiding risks and scams as much as possible.
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