March 10, 2021

WordPress 5.7 Updates HTTP to HTTPs Conversion, ROBOTS API, New Colors

By Sona Mathews

WordPress 5.7 released a lot of new features and updates.

One of the most important features of WordPress 5.7 is to convert your blog or Website from HTTP to HTTPS with a single click.

WordPress 5.7 update is also known as Esperanza. It is named after Esperanza Spalding, an American Jazz musician. It is also the first WordPress release of 2021.

WordPress 5.7 Update: One-Click HTTP to HTTP Conversion, ROBOTS API, New Colors: eAskme
WordPress 5.7 Update: One-Click HTTP to HTTP Conversion, ROBOTS API, New Colors: eAskme

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By updating your blog or Website to Esperanza, you will be able to convert from HTTP to HTTPS with one click.

Here I am explaining everything that you must know about WordPress 5.7 release and its features.

One-Click HTTP to HTTPS Conversion:

WordPress 5.7 has made it easy for bloggers and webmasters to convert their blogs or websites from HTTP to HTTPS.

Before the Esperanza release, it was not easy to convert your WordPress Website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Now, users can do HTTP to HTTPS migration in a second.

You can also check your Website's HTTPS status in the Site Health Section of the WordPress dashboard.

Easy to Use Editor:

WordPress 5.7 is trying to make it easy for the users to use the editor:

More Place to Adjust Font Size:

Now you will see font controls in Code Blocks and the List section also. This will save you from going to another screen.

Reusable Blocks:

Reusable blocks automatically get the update by clicking the "Update" button.


You can drag and drop patterns from the inverter.

More You can Do Without Code:

You can make the following changes to your WordPress site content without going into coding:

Full-height alignment:

You can make the block fill browser window.

Buttons block:

You can choose the vertical or horizontal block for buttons. Also, set the width.

Social Icons Block:

Now you can change social buttons size without coding.

New Colors:

WordPress 5.7 has introduced new colors to make things streamlined and simple. You can see the new color palette in the default WordPress dashboard color scheme.

New Robots API:

The New WordPress Robots API allows you to add directives in robots' meta tags.

In the API, you will see max-image-preview: large used by default.

Lazy Loading iFrames:

With WordPress 5.7, you can make the iFrame load lazy. There is a lading=" lazy" attribute that you can use in iframe tags.


WordPress is a continuously upgrading platform for bloggers, webmasters, and marketers.

The more you understand it and using the updated version, the easier you can optimize your Website or blog.

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