A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types of SSL Certificates

If you believe in secure browsing than you may have heard about SSL. SSL is the standard security technology. It establishes an encrypted connection between browser and web server. These links make sure that the data transfer between browsers and web servers remain integral and private.

Today I am going to share a most comprehensive guide about different types of SSL certificates that you see. This guide will help you to choose the right SSL certificate for your organization, blog or website.

A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types of SSL Certificates : eAskme
A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types of SSL Certificates : eAskme
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Remember that SSL certificates are all about trust online.

Useful SSL Related Terms To Know:

  • CA: Certificate Authority
  • CSR: Certificate Signing Request
  • DV: Domain Validation
  • EV: Extended Validation
  • OV: Organization Validation
  • SSL: Secured Sockets Layer

There are two major type of SSL certificates available online:

  • Number of secured sub domains or domains
  • Validation level

Types of SSL certificates based on validation level

Domain Validation

In this SSL certificate, domain validating is done adding a DNS record or using an email.

You can easily obtain this type of SSL certificate. This is the best SSL certificate for small organizations or where no extra security needed. It is also very cheapest SSL certificate. This type of SSL certificate mostly used on blogs.


  • Cheaper
  • Easily obtained
  • Best for non-sensitive sites or blogs

Organization Validation:

This type of SSL certificate is recommended for e-commerce sites. It is the minimum certificate for them. Domain ownership is validated using public database.

Company validation is done by Certificate authority. It is not best but still better than Domain Validation SSL certificate.


  • 2-3 days to get activated.
  • Just bettter than Domain validation SSL certificate.
  • Minimum for ecommerce sites.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation is highly recommended for websites with transaction feature. Obtaining Extended validating SSL  is a tough and strict process. It displays the organization in browser.

It is mostly used by eCommerce sites, Finance sites and banking sites. It offers green HTTPS address bar


  • 7-10 days to activate
  • Comes with green HTTPS address bar

Types of SSL certificates based on secured domains

Buying an SSL certificate is a really important decision. Other than the above three, there is the need of choosing certificate type based on subdomains and domains also.

So let`s see the list of SSL certificates based of domain names.

Single Name SSL Certificate:

This SSL type is to secure single hostname, means if you buy it for main domain than it will not secure any subdomains and if you get it for subdomain, it will not secure main domain.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you want to secure unlimited sub-domains  then you should go for this type of SSL.

for example if I buy Wildcard SSL Certificate for than it will also secure any subdomain such as, etc.

But it will not secure

Multi-domain SSL Certificate

If you want SSL certificate for all domains and subdomains than you need A multi-domain SSL certificate.

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)

Do you want the SSL certificate for upto 100 domains? If yes, than you need Unified Communications Certificate (UCC).

These are for Office communications and Microsoft® Exchange environments.

Where to buy SSL certificate:

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