April 26, 2021

How Latest Technologies Grow Betting Sector

Technology is constantly developing every day with more and more innovative solutions entering everyday lives, and the betting industry is no different.

All the Latest: Technology Continues to Grow in the Betting Sector: eAskme
All the Latest: Technology Continues to Grow in the Betting Sector: eAskme

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Engaging users with fewer taps, better resolutions and of course allowing for more facilities there’s plenty to get excited about when watching the ongoing growth of betting technologies.

Tennis takes the lead with BetConstruct

Going virtual is nothing new since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic and with betting the history of virtual games goes back even further.

Sports including horse racing have already indulged the world of technological advances by harnessing the coding to recreate realistic races which allow users to bet on life like races and potentially get their winning streak off to a good start.

BetConstruct has unveiled a brand recent addition to this growing niche of betting in the form of virtual tennis.

Working on reconstructions of real matches using motion capture technologies, the matches play out as they usually would on some of the biggest platforms like Wimbledon, and users have the option to place bets as if they were real matches.

Adding to an already A-class collection of online entertainment, this is a feature sure to expand and capture new betting audiences.

Betting Technology with Bonus Tracking from BetConstruct

BetConstruct’s sports betting aggregator platform has become one of the best online today.

The system not only comes with a full team of analysts at statistics tacticians able to offer fair margins on sports betting odds, but the system also helps the operator using the BetConstruct platform to manage bonus offers for members that sign up.

There are tons of free bets and no deposit bonuses on freebets.com that give you an example of how sportsbooks offer no deposit bonus bets for both new and existing customers.

And each of those bonus bets needs tracking for wagering requirements, open bet slips, and more.

In short, operators and players that place bets on any BetConstruct operated system get a fair deal for both odds and bonus tracking!

Playtech and Novomatic form new alliance

Two big names in betting have announced a new partnership as both firms bring their strengths together for mutual benefits.

Owning 10,000 kiosks between them, Playtech and Novomatic Americas will be bringing Playtech’s sports wagering kiosk, known as SSBT, to Novomatic’s ActionBook.

As the most popular sports wagering kiosks in the US, the new collaboration is sure to see positive results.

In addition to the latest deal that Playtech have signed, they have also made the news this year with other deals being signed in Michigan, Indiana and New Jersey.

President and CEO of Novomatic Americas, Rick Meitzler has commented that he is ‘confident that Playtech’s proven sports betting expertise in a wide range of regulated markets will further cement the Novomatic ActionBook™ 's status as the US market’s most popular sports wagering kiosk’.

Playtech continues American takeover with Colombia partnership

The popularity of real money casinos in the US is more than evident as gambling firm Playtech returns to the news headlines once again with more development news in the US.

Recently signing deals with Novomatic ( see above ) and other leading names in New Jersey, Playtech have now also confirmed a partnership with Wplay in Colombia.

Launching its new IMS technology, Playtech will be rolling out the initiative to all of its current products, including online platforms.

With the likelihood of passing on the same innovations on to future products too, the new deal looks almost certain to encourage an increase in demand throughout Colombia, with the name of Playtech being a big deal in betting technologies.

Enhancing the previously existing relationship between Playtech and Wplay, the strategic deal means Wplay can make the most of Playtech’s knowledge and be part of a bigger plan in the future.

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