April 14, 2021

Live blackjack Australia Table Game — Hit due COVID-19 Pandemic

Live blackjack Australia gamblers play this game for more than ten years since AU online casino games with a real croupier appeared. Meanwhile, when the COVID-19 limitations were announced, its popularity rushed to the mountain. Now, all land-casino visitors moved to online gaming sites.

Live blackjack Australia table game — hit due COVID-19 pandemic: eAskme
Live blackjack Australia table game — hit due COVID-19 pandemic: eAskme
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They do not have a choice: the pandemic bans closed their beloved real land-based gambling clubs and houses.

Here, we will compare live BJ with its slot and real version, and you will understand all its pros and cons.

Live blackjack Australia players state: COVID-19 affected real casinos

COVID-19 affected almost all industries: many enterprises had to be closed, and millions of people lost jobs. However, the land-based casinos suffered from the pandemic ban most of all.

The major part of real casinos shut down in spring 2024. Although some of them were reopened later, many houses lost clients. They dislike the new rules of gambling.

Now, all casinos have to ask their visitors to wear masks, and it is not convenient. Besides, gamblers must be distanced from each other.

These rules are used in all land-based casinos, which are opened now.

Naturally, this is done to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Certainly, all these things distract people from the game, and they start making mistakes and lose.

No one player wants to have a mask on the face, closing his nose and mouth for hours during the time they play, and live blackjack Australia game can last for many hours.

Players also hate to sit apart from their buddies.

Besides, many land-based casinos in Australia were not opened: the jurisdictions did not allow them to do it.

Now, thousands of AU gamblers suspect that these casinos have the lowest chances to be opened again.

Certain owners of real casinos even had to sell the casino buildings to other companies, and this is very sad.

Live BJ — the best alternative for a land-casino game

Live blackjack Australia game with a real croupier played on the internet might not be called the best replacement for a land-casino game.

The casino charm and atmosphere of excitement are missing.

Nevertheless, it is the best alternative for a real game during COVID-19.

Dealing with a real croupier, you can char with him, and even with other players.

The game sense is as follows: the action of gambling is going in a real casino, and everything is streamed to your mobile device or a computer.

You can play BJ with a real croupier when you are almost anywhere: everything will depend only on your desire and the presence of the internet connection.

You must not go anywhere and travel miles away from your house to take part in the game. Just relax at home (or anywhere you like) and play.

Forget about wearing a mask during the game: the players and the dealer are far away. There is no risk that you can be infected.

Live Blackjack best sides

Live blackjack Australia game has many advantages over the other forms of BJ, including the game in a land-based casino.

Here are some of them.


Even if you adore gambling in real casinos, you would hardly like the fuss that is always connected with it.

Just remember that you must take a car or even a plane to visit your beloved gambling club, and you will understand it.

All you need to have to play BJ includes the internet connection (even mobile internet will be OK), the device, and money on your player’s account.

Naturally, the first thing you have to do is register at the AU casino where you are planning to play.

Check the money on your account (the sum must be enough to play the game with a live dealer), and relax, enjoying the action.

Free bet

Live blackjack Australia casinos often offer newbies cool bonuses for signing up and making a deposit.

These bonuses include free bets you can make playing BJ. Use this offer, and even if you do not win, you will not lose money.

Here’s how free wagers can work:

  • The AU casino offers a player a free bet for live BJ (let us say, it is worth 25 AUD);
  • You make a deposit and use a special code for the bonus activation;
  • You make a 25 AUD bet and lose;
  • Now, you can get this money back (terms and conditions should be learned for it).

Some newbies are a bit scared by T&C, but it is always worth using this bonus. Besides, live dealer games also foresee other types of propositions.

Bet behind feature

Live blackjack Australia game is similar to BJ that is played in real casinos.

The studios that stream these live games have many BJ tables and croupiers.

Meanwhile, the number of BJ players who can participate in the game with a live dealer is often unlimited.

It lets you play on the action of another BJ player.

Besides, you can also communicate with a dealer. However, there are some minuses here — you often depend on the gambler’s results and decisions.

Social aspects

As it was already mentioned here, live BJ has a social aspect that no one slot with this game can offer.

These are chats with a dealer and other participants of the game.

Sometimes, everything looks so realistic that you start to forget you play staying by a computer.

You feel like being in a real casino.

Although slots with blackjack games are also fascinating, they never give you the feeling like any live-dealer game can provide.

Lower bets

The smallest bets at live casinos start from 1 AUD. This is very convenient for the newbies, who dislike taking risks in the game they do not know well.

However, if you visit a real AU casino, the minimum bet will be at least 5 AUD. This is five times more than in a live online casino!

Naturally, some gamblers with money or skills in the game do not feel that this is a problem to pay 25 AUD for a bet.

However, it will always be better if you have a choice.

Other games at live casinos

There is no need to play only a live blackjack Australia game at an online casino.

There is a bunch of other games that you can also enjoy with a real croupier.

The most popular traditional “set” of these games include roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

However, some AU vendors have plenty of other exciting games, playing which ones you will interact with a real croupier:

  • Caribbean Stud;
  • Deal or No Deal;
  • Dream Catcher;
  • 3-card poker;
  • Dragon Tiger;
  • Texas Hold’em;
  • Money Wheel;
  • Sic Bo.

The description and rules of some of these games can be found on the Spin-Paradise site.

Probably, you enjoy BJ most of all, but it does not mean that you must concentrate only on this game and forget about other ones.

What will happen with live BJ when COVID-19 goes away?

We still do not know when this pandemic can give up and let us live as before, without any restrictions. Thus, no one can foresee the time when the land-based casinos can be opened again.

Meanwhile, sometimes, it will happen. Thus, the question appears here: will the live blackjack Australia game stay as popular as now?

We can suppose that its popularity will remain very high: thousands of Aussies visited live casinos before this COVID-19.

It is very convenient to play BJ with a real croupier using your smartphone, Android or Apple.

Tablets are also good for this game.

The pandemic bans bolstered the appeal of real-dealer blackjack. Gamblers feel OK staying at home and playing this card game using their mobiles or computers.

It will be naïve to foresee the following events: the pandemic is over, and all mobile players rush to the land-based casinos.

People are used to playing in comfort already.

Therefore, most AU players will continue using their phones, tablets, and laptops instead of going anywhere.


COVID-19 has brought many limitations to the life of gamblers.

For instance, even if they find a land casino working during the pandemic, they will not be let in if they do not wear a mask. Besides, the distance between gamblers must be maintained.

Naturally, these things will not prevent people from playing their beloved card games.

Nevertheless, they bring many inconveniences.

If you like comfort and do not feel like traveling anywhere to gamble in a real casino, choose the best live blackjack Australia game.

Do you still play blackjack?

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