January 25, 2021

Hints for Playing Slots for Fun While Traveling

By Sona Mathews

If you’re going away somewhere for a well-deserved break, you’ll want to make the most of it and have the best time possible. Many people who play online casino games want to keep playing while they’re away, even if it’s just something to pass the time while they’re en route from o-ne place to the next.

Hints for Playing Slots for Fun While Traveling: eAskme
Hints for Playing Slots for Fun While Traveling: eAskme

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We’ve put together a list of useful hints and tips to help you enjoy playing your favorite casino games while you’re traveling.

Whether you play slots for fun or real money, you’re sure to find this article useful.

Be Aware of Where You Are

Whether you’re at home or you’re somewhere new, you should always be aware of your surroundings.

If you’re walking around with your eyes glued to your phone, you’ve got a higher chance of bumping into people or even something worse, such as walking into a busy road with traffic.

When you’re out and about, especially if you’re somewhere unfamiliar, you should keep your phone in your pocket as much as you can and focus on taking in the new surroundings.

Make Use of Free WiFi

The downside to data packages is that they can be very costly; data is usually much more expensive when you’re abroad as opposed to when you’re in your home country.

Playing online casino games can use up a lot of data fast, so it’s worth taking advantage of any free WiFi whenever you can.

Thankfully, most tourist-oriented places have more than enough WiFi connections you can take advantage of, many of which can be accessed for no extra charge at all.

If you’re going to be joining lots of different networks, it’s a good idea to use a VPN, as this protects you from things such as hacking or theft.

What it does is it allows you to use a WiFi network, but it offers privacy by encrypting things for you; other people using the same network can’t see you’re there, so you’re a lot safer.

Keep an Eye on Your Battery Life

Playing online casino games can drain your battery, whether it’s through an online casino app or a mobile-friendly gambling site.

It’s annoying when you’ve just won some free spins, only for your phone to die.

When you’re traveling, you’ll want to conserve your phone’s battery life as much as you can.

Not only will you want to take photos while you’re off exploring somewhere new, but you’ll also want to keep your phone charged for important things, such as contact-less mobile payments, directions in case you get lost and, of course, phoning people and services.

Some of the top smartphones and the average amount of time they last on a full charge before dying are listed below:


Hours Before Dying

Moto G Power


Asus ZenForce 6


Motorola Edge


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


iPhone 11


OnePlus 8 Pro


The best solution is to take a portable charger with you. Make sure both your phone and your charger are fully charged.

You may well find some public charging facilities, but not everywhere has these yet, so it’s best to have your own back-up charger you can rely on to keep your phone powered up.

Be Aware of Local Gambling Laws

The laws to do with online casinos can vary greatly from one country to the next. A single country can even have different laws in different parts.

The US is a prime example, as every state gets to decide its own approach, and most of them currently forbid casino sites.

Before you start playing a casino game while you’re on your travels, it’s worth checking what the local gambling laws are.

In some countries, when you play online games that are illegal, you could face prosecution and get fined.

Most of the time, people don’t end up getting into trouble with the authorities as police focus on more serious offenses.

Still, if you’re in a country with strict gambling laws and you break them, don’t be surprised if you end up getting caught.


Not all online casinos and casino games are accessible in every country. A solution to get around this is to use a VPN.

As well as offering security, as mentioned above, VPNs can trick your device into thinking you’re in a different country.

Some people use VPNs to access Netflix shows that aren’t yet available in their own country, for example.

Using these shouldn’t get you into trouble, though remember not to do anything illegal.

So long as you’re just using it to visit legal online casino sites, you shouldn’t get into any problems.

Some of the top VPNs

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Surfshark
  • Hotspot Shield
  • CyberGhost

Most VPNs do cost, though many of them offer a free trial, typically lasting 30 days.

It’s a good idea to research the most reliable options and see which one suits your needs the most.

Use a VPN to play new games and your favorite classics.

Don’t Let Gaming Get in the Way

No matter where you’re traveling, you should make the most of it and enjoy your time away from home.

By all means, play your favorite casino games every now and then and do other hobbies or activities you regularly enjoy at home, such as reading, listening to music, watching TV, etc.

What’s important is that you don’t let gaming and other things distract you from your travels. Immerse yourself in the places you’re traveling to.

See what’s on offer, visit tourist attractions, explore the area, try out the local cuisine, do some shopping, and live it up at night.

You’ve only got a limited amount of time before you have to leave, so make every second count.

After all, you can always play slots online for free, or even real money, at home.

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