April 14, 2021

What Are the Oldest Games You Can Play on Your Computer Today

You could be excused for thinking that gaming was a modern phenomenon, something that is usually done on a computer, smartphone or console, but that is far from reality.

Humans have always been competitive and enjoyed a challenge, which is why just about every recorded civilization has invented games of some sort.

What Are the Oldest Games You Can Play on Your Computer Today: eAskme
What Are the Oldest Games You Can Play on Your Computer Today: eAskme

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Many of these games have been lost to time, but some have survived, and others have been brought into the 21st century, allowing us to play them from our electronic devices.

What Are the Oldest Games You Can Play on Your Computer Today: eAskme


Monopoly is a board game that shouldn’t need any introduction.

There are few people in the world who haven’t been embroiled in some sort of argument over the game, often because few people actually know the official rules and make up their own instead.

Thanks to its flexibility, it's fun to play in a group on special occasions or alone with your partner.
Although the original game board featured many famous landmarks of New Jersey, it has been adapted, translated, and localized for just about every country in the world.

Not only that, but special edition versions like Monopoly Friends Edition and Monopoly Star Wars have resulted in more than 1100 variants being created since 1935.
Today, Ubisoft has a digital version of the game that does away with the faff of setting up and tidying away the board and all of its pieces.

It’s available to play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Stadia platforms.


Blackjack is a card game that requires players to build a hand that has a value of 21, or as close as possible without going bust.

The game is played against the dealer, with both sides receiving two cards at the beginning.

The player can see their own cards but at least one of the dealer's remains face down until after they've finished.
Players can choose to "hit" (request another card) or "stand" (stick to the cards they have) and will have to consider the value of the cards they already have and weigh up the risk/reward of requesting another card.

When the player has finished, the dealer then does the same thing, though they are required to stick to a set of rules, (usually) standing on hands of 17 or higher.
With ancestors to the game existing across Europe, Asia, and North America, there have been numerous blackjack variations over the years, including many online versions, though most have always retained the basic premise of making hands of 21.
Some people may still know the game by a different name.

For example, in England, it used to be called "pontoon", while the French called their version "vingt-un" (21). Blackjack comes from Las Vegas, where early casinos created additional payouts for having certain cards in your hand. One of these was a "black jack". Over time, the name stuck and the name blackjack has been adopted worldwide.
Today, it’s possible to play blackjack from your smartphone, tablet or computer either through an online casino or by downloading a dedicated blackjack app.
Sudoku: eAskme


Sudoku is a number puzzle that first began appearing in French newspapers towards the end of the 19th century.

They require the player to place the numbers 1-9 inside a 9x9 grid, ensuring each individual digit only appears once in each row and column.

To make things harder, the grid is also split into four smaller 3x3 grids which must also contain the numbers 1-9 without repetition.
Recognizing the difficulty of completing the puzzle, one French newspaper named La France called its version “carré magique diabolique”, which translates to “evil magic square”.

Modern Sudoku games didn’t first appear until the late 1970s, when US magazines began publishing them. They first appeared in Japan in 1984, which is where the now-international name of Sudoku was coined.

You can still find Sudoku puzzles in newspapers and magazines, as well as in dedicated Sudoku puzzle books.

However, it’s much more convenient to find them online with web-based versions as well as mobile apps available.

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