May 04, 2021

Twitter Update: Twitter Users with 600 Followers Can Host Live Audio Chats Using Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is now open for Twitter users with a minimum of 600 followers.

Do you know what Twitter Spaces is?

Twitter Spaces launched in December 2020. It is a live audio chat feature from Twitter for its users.
Users with 600 or more Twitter followers can no use live audio chats.

Twitter is rolling out the new and improved version of Twitter Spaces. And this time, it is for the Twitter account with at least 600 followers.

Twitter Update: Twitter Users with 600 Followers Can Host Live Audio Chats: eAskme
Twitter Spaces: Twitter Users with 600 Followers Can Host Live Audio Chats: eAskme

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Twitter has said that they have made this update after receiving feedback from initial users.

Twitter users will also see a change in timelines. You will notice a purple bubble-type design displaying hosts and participants of the live audio chat.

Here is what you should know;

  • Even if you do not have 600 followers, you can join the voice chat and listen only.
  • Listeners can use text chat and share emojis.
  • If the host grants you speaker status, then you can also broadcast your voice in Twitter Spaces.
  • Speaker can also add pinned tweets to Spaces, share Space on the timeline and turn on captions.
  • The host has the highest privileges, speakers have less, and listener has only listing benefits.
  • Twitter Spaces host can change the topic of live audio chat, set permissions to let others speak, and allow listeners to even speak in live Twitter audio chat.
  • If the host finds someone annoying, then he/she can remove that user from live chat.
  • Twitter spaces also allow users to report or block other users.
  • If the host blocks the Twitter user, he cannot join the Space hosted by the same user.
  • Twitter Spaces also allow the host to mute all speakers and use the management page for hosting.

Why 600 Followers?

Twitter believes that users with existing followers have a better way to handle audio chats.

But sooner or later, Twitter will open Spaces for every Twitter user.

New features of Twitter Spaces:

The new features that you will see on Twitter Spaces in the coming days:


Hosts will accept or charge a fee from others who want to join the live chat.

The host can decide the ticket price. Ticket Spaces will be available for limited users.

Reminders and Schedules:

Twitter users can create and schedule Spaces.

They can also set reminders.

Co-Hosting feature:

More than one Twitter user can host live audio chat.


Soon people will find it easy to discover Twitter Spaces by checking purple bubbles.

The purple bubble will appear when the user is hosting the Twitter Space.


Twitter spaces allow users to add captions, pause captions, and even customize them.


Twitter is aggressively updating its platform for better user engagement and to improve user time spend.

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