May 04, 2021

YouTube Videos Sampled by Default for YouTube Shorts: How to Opt Out?

YouTube creators are shocked to see that other creators are using their videos in YouTube Short videos.

YouTube has enabled “Allow people to sample this content” in YouTube settings by default.

This setting allows other users to use your videos without asking for your permission.

YouTube Shorts is quite like TikTok videos. In YouTube Shorts, creators can use sampled content from other YouTube videos.

YouTube Videos Sampled by Default for YouTube Shorts: eAskme
YouTube Videos Sampled by Default for YouTube Shorts: eAskme

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YouTube has made this setting default, and it is not easy for YouTube video creators to opt out of this setting.

Right now, your content is open for the unlimited number of YouTube Shorts videos.

Is YouTube Using Compelling Users?

It is said that YouTube is taking dark patterns to make it hard for users to opt out from the default content sampling setting.

How to Opt-Out Multiple YouTube Videos?

You must manually choose the opt-out setting for each video.

It means if you have thousands of videos, then it will take hours or days, or even weeks to opt out of each video.

To remove content sampling from YouTube videos;

  • Go to the video
  • Click on edit video to visit Studio.
  • Under “Video details,” scroll down to the end of the page.
  • Click on the “Show All.”
YouTube Videos Sampled by Default Shorts: eAskme

  • Scroll again and go to the “Shorts permissions” section.
  • There you will see “Allow people to sample this content” checked.
opt out Allow people to sample this content: eAskme
  • Uncheck that.
  • Click on “Save.”
  • This feature is creating a major issue, as YouTube has added this feature without prior notice.
  • YouTube creators are in shock because of this feature.
  • Also, the Opt-out menu is hidden below the “Show-All” link.
  • User has to scroll down to the end of the page to opt-out from sharing content for YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Content Sampling for YouTube Shorts only:

YouTube Shorts is not monetizable. It means that YouTube Shorts creators cannot display ads or earn money from Shorts.

Also, the creators of the short can only use the part of the video, not the entire video. This is the reason why YouTube is calling it sampling.

YouTube does not see any benefit for shorts creators even if they are using sampling videos.

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