June 25, 2021

How to Make Your Old Parents Comfortable?

Aging people in your family always need your help. They need more attention and care.

Learn the various ways to make your aged family members comfortable and caring and understand their call for help.

How to Make Your Old Parents Comfortable?: eAskme
How to Make Your Old Parents Comfortable?: eAskme

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Here, I am sharing the best ways to make your old parents comfortable at home.


In old age, sudden mood changes, neediness and less patience are the common issues.

These can cause stress and moody behavior in your life also.

You can deal with them by being understanding and empathetic.

Think about what you feel if you were in their situation.

Call Them:

The easiest thing that you can do to make your parents feel cared for is by calling them regularly.

Parents want the attention of their kids.

Even if you are too busy, still set a reminder to remind yourself of the best time to call your aged parents.


Involve your parents in things that you can do with their help.

For example, if you are looking for the best movers Los Angeles, then you should call your parents and ask for suggestions.

Not only that but you should also help your parents with things that they are doing. When helping them, follow their instructions.

Dig for problems:

Your parents may not tell you every problem that they face daily.

You must visit them and inspect the house to find potential problems and fix them before they even ask for them.

When you help them without waiting for them to ask, it will greatly help to improve your relationship.

Encourage them:

Isolation is the common issue in the lives of aging parents.

Lack of activity is the major reason.

Aged people stop driving and walking because of vision loss, hearing loss, etc.

It is necessary to encourage them to be active physically and socially.

Talk to them and take them out for a vacation, museum, universities, communities, parks, foot care, movies, etc.

Physical activities will improve their mood, strength, and endurance.

Create a Memory Book:

Memory loss is another common problem in old age.

You can help your aging parents by creating a memory scrapbook. Put the photos of family members, friends, occasions, places, pets, etc. and name them.

This memory book will help them to remind the name of the person or place and occasion.


There are times when your parents refuse your help. At that time, start the conversation.

You can also ask your siblings to help in such a situation.

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