June 24, 2021

Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more.

Microsoft Windows 11 leaked online. And it has happened a few days before the Microsoft windows event.

Microsoft was set to announce the launch of Microsoft Windows 11 on June 24th, 2021.

Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more: eAskme
Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more: eAskme

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But Windows 11 leaked online, and people are already using it.

Now, I am explaining and answering every question that you may have about Windows 11.

What is Windows 11:

Microsoft Windows 11 is the next Windows operating system after Windows 10.

It is an upgraded version of Windows 10x that never came into the market. 

Remember: Microsoft has not launched Windows 11 officially till now. And we cannot tell if the leaked windows 11 is a beta or testing stage window.

It is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 11 officially in October 2021.

We never recommend our audience to install leaked Microsoft Windows 11 as it can damage your system.

What is new in Leaked Microsoft Windows 11:

The leaked Microsoft Windows 11 is showing some upgrades and amazing features.

Microsoft Windows 11 Start Menu:

Microsoft Windows 11 Ui and Start menu look similar to Windows 10x. You can consider windows for dual-screen devices.

The major change in Windows 11 is related to the taskbar.

You can see the taskbar sitting in the bottom centre of the screen with the menu and start button.

Pinned software, shut down button, restart button, and recent files are there. 

It seems simpler than what we use in Windows 10.

You can even move your taskbar to the left side of the screen.

Microsoft Windows 11 UI:

Microsoft Windows 11 UI is also upgraded. You will see rounded corners in File Explorer, content menu and apps.

We believe that leaked Windows 11 is a testing version, so not everything is included in that.

And, we are expecting more features in Windows 11.

There are rumors that Microsoft is bringing Windows Widgets back to Windows 11.

Windows 11 also give you a snap controls feature. It also you to snap windows quickly.


One big thing missing in Leaked Windows 11 is that there is no update on Windows App Store.

We already know that Microsoft is working for a long time on upgrading the App store. This shows that the leaked Windows 11 is not fully functional or feature-rich window 11.

Users should wait for the official launch of Windows 11. And, surely it will have more features, better control and better usability.

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