June 17, 2021

How to Put Yourself First?

Putting yourself first is not the act of selfishness. But, it is more about believing in you.

You can’t make others happy if you are not happy. And, you cannot be happy without respecting yourself.

When you respect yourself, you start putting yourself first and take hold of your life.

How to Put Yourself First?: eAskme
How to Put Yourself First?: eAskme

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It is more like supporting yourself.

Even though many people do not think about putting themselves first just because they are madly in love with someone else, they started living their lives according to that person and lose their true identity.

It is necessary to put yourself first to keep things right.

And, this website tells how you can do it.

Early to Bed and Early to Rise:

Early to Bed and Early to Rise is not just a saying but a productive habit.

Sleeping on time and waking up early, like 5.00 am, help you manage everything on time.

As a result, you get enough sleep and awake with a fresh mind and body.

Practice meditation, yoga or another exercise to warm up you for the day.


Meditation is a proven method to relax your mind and body.

Not only that, but it helps you think clearly and get rid of negative thoughts.

You earn the ability of self-awareness, emotional health, and stress-busting.

Spend at least 5 to 20 minutes every day.

Health is Wealth:

Fitness first!

Do cycling, jogging, gym or cardio every day to use every muscle of your body.

Set a fitness goal and practice exercises with discipline. These will help you stay fit and keep your focus on fitness.

Do what you want to:

Your life is not just about working, earning, and spending on your family.

It is more about investing in yourself and doing what you love to do.

Spend some time like 15 minutes every day, doing what you love to play instruments, visit your favorite place, spend time with nature, etc.

Do what makes you happy, and it will bring a positive attitude to your life.

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Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is as important as exercise.

You cannot eat junk food all the time and think of staying fit.

Eat fresh juice, green vegetables, or whatever you can find fresh and natural in your area.


Affirmations can do wonders.

Start practicing affirmations. Tell yourself that you are the best and capable of doing anything positive.

Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and speak affirmations.

Make sure what you say is positive and powerful.


Smile is the most powerful tool to fight anger, stress, sadness, etc.

Not just smile in front of the mirror, but keep your smile alive throughout the day.

A smiling face attracts others, and you will also get a smile back.


Think about what you have in your life. Start feeling grateful for things you own.

Please make a list of things you have and be grateful to others who give you their time.

Work in Present for Future:

Set future goals!

Plan your actions in the way that they can lead you in the direction where you will achieve these goals.

And start doing it today.

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Putting yourself first is one of the finest decisions that you can make to control your life.

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