How to find out Anything About Anyone?

The need for finding someone can arise from time to time for various reasons.

Maybe you are looking for reconnecting with one of your old friends, or you are searching for a service provider, verifying unknown phone numbers, property search, or even someone who is blood-related.

It can be anything, but the problem arises when you don't know how to look out for them, and which are the best platforms for completing your search.

How to find out Anything About Anyone: eAskme
How to find out Anything About Anyone: eAskme

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The need for finding someone can arise for safety concerns as well.

Public databases allow you to find people who have got criminal records or listed on the sex offenders list.

You can also do the same for performing background checks on anyone if you feel they are suspicious to you in any way or another.

Maybe you wish to run a background check on a business firm that you might be getting a contract with, so as I said, there can be ample reasons.

The information and technology advancements, along with its integration with the digital world, have given us specific platforms that can help in fulfilling our quest for finding anyone online.

It's the digital age and online platforms which do possess accurate databases for doing the job.

Before going to any such platform, you should make sure that you at least have some general information that can become your helpful guide for locating someone.

Such information includes;
  • The first name and the last name
  • Pprofession
  • Zip code
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Ppeople that might be associated with that person professionally, or even close relatives.
You don't need to have all of the data mentioned, but at least some of it to make your search a bit easy.

Here is a well-researched list of platforms which you can use for searching and finding anything about anyone:

1.  Social Media Platforms Such as Facebook

A social media platform that has nearly a base of 1.66 billion active users. Yeah, that's right, almost 20 percent of the world's population is on Facebook.

What is interesting about Facebook is that people do upload their several types of information on this platform.

It ranges from both personal and professional details. It includes vital information such as birth dates, work experience, designation, phone numbers, city/country one is living in, mutual friends, family and relatives, school and college info, and most importantly, a profile picture.

And if you have the right email address, then your job is nearly done because Facebook can detect someone accurately based on the email address which they have registered to make their Facebook accounts.

Similar social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

LinkedIn is also a platform you can explore if you are looking for someone from a professional background, and you possess their information such as the name of the company they work for, designation, or the name of their firm or business.

LinkedIn is one of the most critical platforms if you wish to check on somebody's professional credibility.

2. Public Records and Databases

Such databases or records can be considered as pieces of information that are made available to the general public and are one hundred percent legal.

They can also be looked upon national archives, which are well documented under the conduct of the governments.

The federal government has dedicated websites for the same.

Public records generally comprise information such as birth records, family trees, criminal records, etc.

There are dedicated portals available which can look out for your old friends, classmates, colleagues, relatives, research on neighbors, verifying of unknown phone numbers, background research, criminal records, email search, sex offenders reports, business background search, property check, and look out for many other aspects of information all on a single platform.

Radaris is a reverse people search that provides all types of knowledge under one roof. Ask anything, and you will get it.

3. Search Engines Such as Google, MSN, Bing, and Yahoo

The most fantastic thing about searching engines is that they work on the concept of a user's intention.

Google, like a web browser and its artificial intelligence-based programs, tries its best to give out information to the user who is most appropriate within the context of the keywords used.

If somebody whom you are looking for is a freelancer or a personal brand, then he or she must have a website by their name.

People or businesses who register themselves on "Google My Business" do pop up quickly as the first search on Google if you type the exact words which they have used for their registration.

If you have been able to find your prospect's website, then you must go on the "Contact Us" web page to reach out to them via mail or a phone call.

The advanced google search, which helps you in narrowing down the information, is highly recommended.

Although, do make sure that your keywords are bang on the right; otherwise, search results won't be much useful.

Do add some extra information along with the full names to make your keywords and search effectively.

Google Maps is also one of the products of Goggle, which can be used for searching out accurate locations.

View streets, aerial, satellite, hybrid views are available on Google Maps for searching out a geographical area or neighborhood.

4. Finding People Online Using Pictures

It might be hard to conceive that pictures can also be used for finding someone online.

Before the digital age, people used to travel with photos of the missing person.

But the digital age has much more to offer if a loved one has gone missing.

Such a way of finding someone will work if you have the support of people who will re-share the photos on their profiles or among-st their network.

Reaching out to maximum people would be the key.

You can push the images by running Facebook Ads at specific locations if you have some possible idea of the whereabouts of the person.

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