June 09, 2021

Top 3 Casino-Themed Reads

Whilst settling down for a round or two of your favorite casino games is a great way to spend an evening, there are other areas of life where you can find these fun-filled games.

There are many works of literature that feature casinos, utilizing gameplay to add an extra layer of tension to the narrative.

Top 3 Casino-Themed Reads: eAskme
Top 3 Casino-Themed Reads: eAskme

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Casino: Love and Honour in Las Vegas

Documenting a true story, Nicholas Pileggi explores the underbelly of the Las Vegas gambling scene, paying close attention to the rise and fall of the mob gangsters influence over the city, beginning in 1931.

Pileggi gives an unprecedented insight into the unruly world of the mafia, involving money laundering and wars with the local police force.

Where casinos would come into play is that the mob would skim revenue from the income that was generated by these establishments, funneling it into their own pockets.

Soon, the FBI got wise to this activity and cracked down on their operations in the early 1980s, eventually eradicating a great portion of organized crime from the Las Vegas gambling resorts.

Whilst this is certainly not a story you should try to re-enact, or take it as a how-to guide, it’ll certainly open your eyes to the darkness that surrounded casinos in the beginning of the Sin City phenomenon.

Casino Royale

Now, you may be familiar with this tale from the well-known movie rendition, however it originated as the first novel in one of the most iconic franchises to date.

Of course, we’re referring to Ian Fleming’s James Bond series.

Casino Royale was first published in 1952, paving the way for the 11 novels that followed, as well as two short story collections, that completed the 007 literature series.

When it comes to the book series, the most regularly featured game – and most definitely Bond’s favorite – is Baccarat.

Although this isn’t carried over into the film franchise, this was also Fleming’s preferred game.

Baccarat uses six decks in total, and begins to the right of the croupier, moving counter clockwise around the table.

One player will be selected as the “banker” whilst all other players are known as “punters”.

Each player is then dealt two cards, face up, with the winning hand being whichever hand equals the closest to nine.

Players get the chance to bet on whose hand they think will win – with the highest payout coming from successfully betting on the banker’s cards.

Odds on Miss Seeton

Originally published in 1975, Heron Carvic wrote a total of five books about the unlikely Roulette tycoon, Miss Seeton.

Characterized as a retired art teacher from the ‘70s, Miss Seeton is a light-hearted parody of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple protagonist.

Carvic gives readers a clear picture of the world of gambling long before the invention of playing online.

The protagonist gets mixed up in a bit of trouble, which results in a quest to find a bigtime criminal, on behalf of Scotland Yard.

From here, she winds up falling into the world of gambling and learns how to play Roulette, and win.
Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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