March 18, 2021

Popular Games You Have to Spin to Win

There’s nothing quite like the ‘Spin and Win’ concept – and it’s a simple method that has kept gamers entertained over the years.

Whether you like nothing more than watching hapless contestants on your favorite gameshow, love a games night at home, or simply just can’t get enough of the authentic casino experience – spinning to win is everywhere.

Popular Games You Have to Spin to Win: eAskme
Popular Games You Have to Spin to Win: eAskme

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Not only that, but the range of emotions that are involved in such games make them much-loved – ranging from tension and anticipation, to possible elation when the result comes in.

Let’s take a look at some our favorites.

Spin A Win

Where else could you start but with the giant wheel, inspired by classic gameshow Wheel of Fortune.

You’re likely to find Spin A Win at a casino online and the aim of the game is simply to choose the segment where the spinner will land.

Of course, predict it correctly, and you are a winner.

There are segments of different colors and values, and these will vary in terms of frequency on the wheel, which also correlate to how much you could win.

In addition to this, there will be bonus sections – and these can take the place of multipliers, giving you a chance to win a multiple of your stake.

You’ll find many variations of the classic big wheel game online.


Whether you know them as the big, loud machines at your local, or their compact and immersive online counterparts, Slots are a classic spin to win game which have been around for centuries.

While the very first form of a slot machine contained drums, rather than reels, the concept has remained much the same over the years.

Of course, courtesy of technological advances, Slots have been able to evolve from the three-reel machines with limited symbols, to extensive video masterpieces, complete with compelling storylines, bagsful of bonus features and eye-watering progressive jackpots.

And to think, it’s as simple as pressing ‘spin’.


A game of old and accidental origins, Roulette is your classic spin to win game, where risk and reward are offered up in equal measure.

Synonymous with folklore and popular culture, the game of Roulette has withstood the test of time and continues to be popular to this day, largely as a result of online casinos.

We’ve all dreamed of winning big at the Roulette table, replicating the feat of iconic actor, Sean Connery, for example.

Of course, these days, players aren’t strictly limited to the standard European or American versions of the game, with their differing house edges, but you’ll find themed games, and variations with additional ways to bet.

There’s more to Roulette than just ‘red or black’, but it’s a game that continues to keep players entertained.

Honorable mention: The Game of Life

We end with something a little different now, and after a little research, we found that The Game of Life ticks two boxes.

Not only can you play it in the iconic board game format, but it was also developed into a slot game.

In the original, the spinner denotes how many squares a player can move, as they battle it out to see who will reign supreme and win at life – by making typical life choices such as buying property, getting married, and changing career.

The slot game takes many of the popular elements of the classic, adding innovative twists along the way – for example, the career option the player chooses at the beginning for their character will influence the amount they’ll win, or how the bonus games will play out.

There are several bonus rounds and even a progressive jackpot up for grabs, for those that succeed.

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