July 19, 2021

All About LED Parking Lot Lights - A Short Guide

By Sona Mathews

LED Parking Lot Lights can be used for many purposes like parks, playgrounds, sidewalks, floodlighting, etc. this is a worthy investment as plenty of benefits are associated with them.

The latest technology of these lights makes them energy efficient and universal.

These are available in a variety of colors, different power usage, and different budget ranges.

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All About LED Parking Lot Lights - A Short Guide: eAskme
All About LED Parking Lot Lights - A Short Guide: eAskme

The cost-effective LED parking dot lights need a little maintenance and are safer to use.

Moreover, these are eco-friendly sources of lighting and are becoming popular day by day.

So if you are going to choose these lights, it is a wise choice.

But there are certain aspects of such a lighting system that should be known before making a purchase.

This guide contains all that is required to make your choice perfect.

What are the Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lights?

There are several reasons to say yes to these parking lights.

Some significant features of these universal lights are mentioned here.

1- Eco-Friendly Lighting Method

The LEDs are a very excellent lighting source and emit less heat.

However, they don’t warm up the surroundings and cover the maximum area.

Moreover, unlike traditional lights, these are less piercing and seem very cool to the eyes.

2- Cost-Effective

These LED lights provide high illumination to brighten the parks and sidewalks.

In addition, their maintenance is easy and features a low cost.

Also, the longevity of these lights is very high. All these features make them a cost-effective source of lighting.

3- Energy Savers

As it is evident that LEDs use less energy as compared to traditional energy sources.

These save up to 30-50% of energy. This feature makes them an efficient lighting source.

4- Best Quality Light

The traditional bulbs provide low-quality light as compared to LEDs.

However, these offer a better color rendering and index rating.

Moreover, these emit a marvelous light that does not pierce the eyes.

5- Attractive Designs

The Parking Lot LED Lights are available in very catchy and attractive colors.

Their installation in the parks or grounds will add to their beauty.

You can choose the updated version of LED parking lot lights.

Learn more about the latest commercial or residential electronic devices and technologies with attractive designs. 

6- Easy Installation and Maintenance

You can easily install these lights at low-cost labor, and their installation is not complicated.

Moreover, their replacement is not too difficult and can be replaced on self-aid.

These LED lights are very flexible.

7- Safe Lighting Source

Parking lighting requires such a source that is relatively safe and secure.

These would light up the parking area effectively, and you can easily observe the happenings in the parking area.

Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Here are some of the crucial strategies that must be kept in mind before selecting LED lot lights for your parking.

1- Frequency

The number of LEDs depends on the size of your park, ground, or any other area where you have to install them.

So make sure about the site, and select the perfect number of lights that are enough to light up your space.

2- Spacing

Another factor that affects the efficiency of the lighting is the space between one and another LED.

If you insert too many LEDs at a crowded place, these would seem odd and affect the budget.

But, on the contrary, if you keep too much distance between them, they would fail to light up space effectively. So, be sure about the number of lights and the area they are going to cover.

Then place them at a proper gap for adequate lighting.

3- Wattage

Another thing worth noting is the wattage of LEDs.

LEDs offer more lumen per watt as compared to traditional lighting sources.

However, you can purchase LEDs with different outputs. If you want to light up a 15 to 20 feet area, the 16000 to 20000 lumens are enough for your space.

4- Install LEDs in Cross Over Pattern

The most frequently used and efficient way of lighting is cross-over lighting, as the lights inserted on the different poles will decrease the shadow effect.

So, make sure that you have enough lights to set this pattern of lighting.

5- Color Choice

The LED parking lot lights are available in different colors but keep in mind that the American Health Association prohibits 5700K and 6500K. So, choose any one of the following.

  • 4000K: It resembles the natural white light and suits the business and other areas of work.
  • 5000K: These LEDs are also white and are perfect for large spaces and outdoors. It is the most recommended and frequently used LED color.

The other colors, i.e., 5700K and 6500K, are not recommended as these are harmful to both humans and the environment. Click here https://www.lepro.com/ to explore all the varieties of LED lights.


The LED Parking Lot Lights perfectly light up the large spaces like parks, parking, sidewalks, playgrounds, etc.

However, there are certain aspects to consider before deciding on LEDs for lighting up your large spaces.

Although some of the essential aspects are mentioned in the above guide, keep in mind all these strategies to perfect your selection.

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