July 19, 2021

What's New In The Call of Duty: Season 4 Pack?

The new texture pack is being released with the new season, which brings some significant changes in the season 4 gameplay as part of the wider Call of duty warzone update.

The new Call of Duty warzone update includes fresh 4K textures in the game and big weapon changes.

What's New In The COD: Season 4 Pack?: eAskme
What's New In The Call of Duty: Season 4 Pack?: eAskme

The power of the MG 82 gun has been lowered, and the developers of Raven software are thinking about whether the nail gun needs to be tweaked down a bit in the future.

Here is the trailer for season 4:      

Gun Changes

The ability of the MG82 has been decreased where the gun's maximum damage has been altered from 30 to 29.

Furthermore, the minimum damage has also been decreased from 28 to 27.

The maximum damage range of MG 82 has been decreased by 20%, the headshot multiplier goes down from 1.3 to 1.2, and the upper chest multiplier decreases to 1 from 1.1.

The extremities multiplier has been lowered to 0.9 from 1, and consequently, the vertical and horizontal recoil has been increased.

However, in the Patch notes released on the Raven software website, the developer says they envisioned the MG 82 as a short-midrange light machine gun.

It has relatively fast handling and mobility with a good rate of fire.

Still, it retained so many LMG traits like the damage profile, bullet velocity, and magazine size and, most of all, very negligible recoil.

All these factors combined made it one of the most dominating weapons to land within Verdansk. Never the less the MG82 is still expected to be a viable weapon due to its top-tier damage per magazine and rate of fire.

The developers will be keeping an eye on the Nail gun and may change it in the future as they feel it kills a bullet faster than it should, and they may tweak it down a bit.

Fixed Bugs

Some bugs have been fixed, like the issue that players had where they had to restart the game to unlock gifted battle pass.

The salt mine door that was killing players instantly with contact has also been fixed; there was also an issue with the red door that if a player had previously died while going through it, another player would lose control of their operator if they went through it.

Other similar bugs have been fixed in this new season update.

Vehicles Added

Some new vehicles have been added, like the dirt bike, which is faster than all vehicles, even the ATV and has better handling; it has been stated as "terror on two wheels."

The 1911 starter handgun now requires three hits to gain the bonus finisher damage instead of two.

Custom mods have also been enabled for Black Ops Cold War weapons and allow a player to save up to five custom weapon builds as blueprints.

PC gamers will need to have 27.1-28.2 GB of additional storage on the Hard drive for the patch copying process, but this will only be temporary, and space will be reclaimed on the completion of the patch.

Having to download Black Ops Cold war is unnecessary if you are only playing warzone, and further players can uninstall other data packs if they are not needed.

This new season pack is filled with some pretty unique new skins and cosmetic items.

However, since the game requires you to grind to get them, you'll have to give in hours, if not days.

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