July 02, 2021

Technological Advancements in Truck Dispatching Services

The role of the shipper is the cornerstone of well-managed construction logistics.

Today's shipper spends their time answering order calls, finding carriers, and tracking delivery status.

These operations have been managed with the same tools for generations: pen, paper and phone calls.

As the wave of technological advancement has revolutionized banking, manufacturing and retail, a change in how the construction industry works and how shippers do their jobs is imminent.

Technological Advancements in Truck Dispatching Services: eAskme
Technological Advancements in Truck Dispatching Services: eAskme

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This software revolution will enable shippers to operate more efficiently, increase customer and carrier satisfaction and improve the profitability of all members of the heavy construction value chain.

These new technology-driven "digital truck dispatching" will capitalize on the power of software platforms, B2B markets and mobile technology.

These changes will strengthen the functional role of the consignor and unleash new business value in truck cargo dispatching.

The evolution of dispatching

Effective communication and coordination with truck drivers are at the heart of a shipper's day-to-day success.

Logistics management innovations that have pioneered other industries by innovators such as Amazon and UPS are hesitant to make their way into the construction planner toolbox.

Not only have these innovations changed the way companies manage their logistics, but they have also raised the bar for our collective expectations of the delivery experience as a company, leading to higher expectations of us in construction.

These changes are only accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated social distancing restrictions.

As a result, entrepreneurs ask, "If I can track my pizza from the oven to my door, why can't I do the same for the thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment on the way to work?”

Changes that have been made in other industries, including long-haul transportation, are happening in truck dispatching and are breaking new ground.

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Cloud-based software, GPS tracking and mobile apps contribute to an ecosystem in which parties are supported by real-time monitoring, multimodal communication and data integration/connectivity.

This ecosystem represents a digital platform where different industry players connect and collaborate to achieve better efficiency, higher asset utilization and higher profits.

The digital channel of the future will play a central role in this ecosystem.You should also get to know about a great truck dispatching service at https://logitydispatch.com/.

The role of the digital sender

A real effect of this change is that digital truck dispatching is replacing the time spent on manual processes and inefficient workflows with new, highly efficient activities.

You are part analyst optimization, part customer service hijacker and part business manager, working towards the following goals:

1. Optimization of Workload:

Optimize workload distribution across a physical and virtual fleet using a central truck resource and ensure truck drivers operate at maximum efficiency.

2. Happy Customers:

Keep your customers happy by providing self-service tools for tracking and requesting orders. This saves you time in delivering a new customer experience.

3. Key Management

Management of logistics activities, including avoiding waiting times, forecasting supply and demand, analyzing rates and budgeting.

Get ready for the next wave of digital breakdown.

To plan and prepare successfully, companies must be equipped with the right skills, tools, technologies and organizational support.

Current disposition competencies will always be crucial, including managing terms and maintaining market and industry knowledge.

Companies that define a clear mandate and implement fleet management technology so that liaison officers can manage business impact are leading the way.


The wave of technological innovations that have transformed logistics in other sectors is impacting shipping and construction.

Tomorrow's digital dispatcher will use technology to improve efficiency dramatically, reduce waste and improve the customer experience.

You can prepare a sender for success by setting up the right job and preparing your company to take on the role of the 21st digital sender.

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