August 25, 2021

Avoid Plastic, Aluminium Water Bottles are Much Better

By Sona Mathews

Move over, plastic bottles, because aluminium bottles are here, and they’re much more eco-friendly, durable, and better for your health.


Because aluminum water bottles are recyclable and do not leach harmful chemicals, making them perfect to use as sports bottles, disposable water bottles, or even coffee and juice bottles.

Avoid Plastic, Aluminium Water Bottles are Much Better: eAskme
Avoid Plastic, Aluminium Water Bottles are Much Better: eAskme

Everybody needs to hydrate, but our drink options aren’t very varied in terms of packaging.

Plastic bottles are the obvious choice for most drinks, as they hold liquids well and are relatively cheap to produce.

Still, they harm the environment and contain cancerous chemicals, especially when in contact with heat.

Glass bottles are alternative options, but they easily shatter, and you definitely wouldn’t let kids handle them.

People tend to overlook aluminium bottles, but here are reasons why this material is better for us and the environment:

Durable and Reusable

Aluminium is much more durable than plastic and glass, as the material does not shatter when dropped or break down in the heat.

Your biggest threat to aluminium bottle damage is denting, but even so, those dents won’t compromise the quality of water content in the bottle.

Experts and manufacturers always tell us not to reuse plastic bottles for consumption.

Still, aluminium bottles can be used more than once since they do not leach any harmful chemicals into their contents.

Aluminium bottles are also made from stainless material, making them resistant to rust, and these bottles won’t take on the smell or flavor of the liquid inside.


Plastic bottles are environmentally damaging, and glass bottles may be reusable, but they can shatter and are not as recyclable as most materials.

In addition, plastic takes thousands of years to degrade, so every plastic bottle ever made is still around today.

Aluminium, however, is easily recyclable as long as it does not contain any plastic film.

Aluminium degrades in less than half the time it takes plastic to degrade and can be recycled in as little as two months.

The recycling process also uses only 5% of the energy to make a completely new aluminium product, making aluminium bottles more eco-friendly than plastic or glass.


Aluminium bottles are just as customizable as plastic ones.

Companies can print your name or company logo on the aluminium bottle or even engrave a design for a unique look.

Your wedding or company giveaways would stand out even more with unique aluminium water bottles with your custom design.

Not into water bottles?

Aluminium can hold most liquids, from water to coffee and even soup!

For example, in Japan, they use aluminium water bottles to hold thick soups meant to be reheated over the stove or in a pot of boiling water.

Aluminium bottles do not only provide a customizable range of designs on the outside; you can also fill them with nearly any kind of liquid - hot or cold.

Aluminium provides the possibilities that plastic and glass cannot.

For example, liquids can be warmed up while in the aluminium bottle, and drinks like coffees and teas can be served with the option of hot or cold.

Aluminium also does a great job in maintaining the temperature of its contents much longer than plastic or glass.

Safer for Your Health

Aluminium bottles are made of pure aluminium, which means there are no chemical additives or plastic films that can leach harmful substances into the liquid contents, even when heated.

Unlike flimsy plastic bottles, aluminium bottles are safe to use repeatedly as long as they are in good condition.

Commercial soda cans and plastic bottles may sometimes contain BPA, a known carcinogenic substance that is harmful when ingested.

Look for aluminium water bottles containing no BPA or other dangerous additives for a truly safe option!


Much like any plastic bottle, aluminium bottles are resealable with their special cap made of the same material.

These aluminium caps often provide a tighter seal to keep your drink fresh longer and can come with pressure valves to minimize the pressure build-up inside carbonated drinks.

The Verdict

The world already consumes too much plastic, and we see the effects of our plastic-obsessions through climate change, water quality, and an increase in deteriorating health.

Make the switch to cleaner, more sustainable materials like aluminium for your water bottles and save the world from a few more plastic bottles hitting the landfills.

Aluminium water bottles are comparable to plastic bottles, but their benefits go beyond what plastic can do.

As giveaways, they can make your event much more memorable and unique, while their usability is convenient for hot and cold drinks.

Good luck and stick with it! You can do it!

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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