August 13, 2021

How to Find out What Kind of Laptop You Have?

By Sona Mathews

It is essential to know what kind of laptop you have because sometimes we need to upgrade it so if we know everything about our laptop, we can easily do upgradation.

Over time, we know that many advanced features of laptops are taking the limelight, so if you want to buy a laptop with advanced features, you can compare it with your old laptop.

How to Find out What Kind of Laptop You Have?: eAskme
How to Find out What Kind of Laptop You Have?: eAskme

Sometimes we need to change the battery or to replace the keyboard you can do this only if you exactly know the model of your laptop.

If you don’t know that kind of laptop, you can check the model, specification, and features using different methods.

Now come back to our main topic and explore how to find what kind of laptop you have.

Finding your laptop’s model name

The model’s name is essential because if you know your laptop’s model name, you can check your laptop’s specifications and help you find the troubleshooting information.

In some cases, it is easy to find the model’s name. Flip your laptop down, and somewhere on the bottom, you will see the logo and a small text that is your laptop’s model name.

Many old laptops don’t have a model name on the bottom, so in this case, you have to remove the bottom panel to check the model’s name.

It is not an excellent solution to remove the bottom panel, so in this case, you can locate the model’s name through your control panel.

The type control panel then click the system and security it should be the first option then click the system link and the information about your laptop will appear like brand and model’s mane.

Checking your laptop’s CPU

You must know your CPU because you will need to upgrade your processor so you can relate your old CPU with the new one.

It is effortless and straightforward to find out what kind of CPU you have in windows 10.

When your screen starts, you will see the windows logo click right on it on the bottom left corner, and a list of options will appear.

Then you have to click on the System option that will be located in the middle section.

After clicking the system option, an about page will open than in the middle of the page, you will see an option called device specifications, where you quickly find out your laptop’s CPU.

Checking your motherboard

Checking what kind of motherboard your laptop has is not essential, but, in some cases, if you need to find out, you have to follow some easy steps.

At the bottom left corner, a type here to search bar is located.

First, you must need to write the system information on it. Then a system information app will appear. Just click on it.

A system information app will open a massive list of information; then, you will see the BaseBoard Manufacturer option towards the bottom. This is the brand of your motherboard.

You can find your motherboard’s product and model through the BaseBoard manufacturer option.

Also, you can find out what CPU, GPU, and memory you have through the system information app.

Seeing what GPU you have:

If you are a gamer or playing different games is your hobby, your laptop’s GPU must be advanced.

So, if you want to play games clearly or compare your GPU with other laptops, you must know what kind of GPU your laptop has.

Just click right on the window’s logo located on the bottom left then a menu will appear out that has different options.

After it, you need to click on the Device Manager.

A list of drop-down menus will appear where you can find out every device name your laptop has and the devices connected through USBs and Bluetooth.

Then at the top, you will see the menu called Display Adaptor. Just click on it then your laptop’s GPU will be under this menu.

There is two option available one is standalone, and the other is integrated graphics you need to focus on standalone because it is essential.

How much RAM is in your laptop?

If you are an employee, student, or gamer, your RAM must be fast because if you have good enough RAM, you can perform multitasking.

There are so many options available to find out how much RAM your laptop has.

Right-click on the window’s icons that appear on your laptop’s screen then a menu will appear. Then, you click the system option.

Now an about page will open scroll down slower than you will see an option called Device Specifications.

Now, you can check the amount of RAM you have mostly it been label as installed RAM.

Upgrading your laptop: what’s possible

After checking your laptop’s specifications, if you want to upgrade them according to your interest, you upgrade the RAM and storage option easily because it is impossible to change the core components.


Knowing the laptop’s specification is important because sometimes we need to sell it or any time, we need some changes like RAM and storage.

If you know the specification you can compare it with the one who has advanced features laptop then you can easily upgrade your laptop.

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