December 26, 2019

The 5 (Real) Best Bluetooth Keyboards 2024 - Full Comparison

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best Bluetooth keyboards among more than 24 keyboards available at the moment.

The Drevo Calibur is my favorite because of its number of incredible options for a price that is just as much.

It's not everyday that we can adapt a keyboard to our typing style!

The 5 (Real) Best Bluetooth Keyboards 2024 - Full Comparison: eAskme
The 5 (Real) Best Bluetooth Keyboards 2024 - Full Comparison: eAskme

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You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find your future Bluetooth keyboard.

The best cheap Bluetooth keyboards:

The keyboard presented here is content to do its keyboard work, but it does very well! Despite its low price, it is not a gadget: it is a real working accessory.

iClever : the best cheap

iClever: The 5 (Real) Best Bluetooth Keyboards 2020 - Full Comparison: eAskme

  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easily transportable
  • No touch echap
Specially designed with a 166-degree angle when unfolded, this keyboard reduces the fatigue of the hand, arms and shoulders caused by false movements and striking for a long time.

It works just as well on iOS as on Android and Windows machines. In addition, this keyboard contains shortcut keys to save time to start tasks or control files.

The iClever keyboard is equipped with standard keys that allow you to adapt quickly to enjoy a smooth and comfortable typing experience.

This Bluetooth device works up to 10 meters away and provides up to 40 hours of uninterrupted work time! In standby, its life reaches 30 days before having to recharge.

The best midrange Bluetooth keyboards

These keyboards offer some very welcome options that entry-level keyboards do not offer.

Drevo Calibur : the best mid-range

Drevo Calibur: The 5 (Real) Best Bluetooth Keyboards 2020 - Full Comparison: eAskme

  • Trendy Bluetooth
  • Switch system to choose its type of touch
  • Affordable price
  • No function keys

QWERTY keyboard

Thanks to its state-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this Calibur keyboard is fully compatible not only with computers, but also with phones and tablets.

Thanks to its internal battery, this Calibur keyboard can work continuously for about 20 hours and recharges in less than 2 hours.

This mechanical keyboard is composed of 71 keys and does not contain the row of function keys. It is equipped with PBT keys, a backlight and is both compatible with USB and Bluetooth 4.0 ports.

Its Bluetooth technology allows this keyboard to operate without loss, delay or interference.

An interesting aspect of this keyboard that particularly appealed to me is its system of mechanical switches to change the feeling of typing: just choose the switch color that matches your typing style.

Logitech K380  : a good value for money

Logitech K380: The 5 (Real) Best Bluetooth Keyboards 2020 - Full Comparison: eAskme

  • Maximum compatibility
  • Affordable price
  • Light and compact
  • Ask a little time to adapt
This keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS operating systems. This keyboard can bring more typing comfort on smartphones, tablets etc.

It is compatible with any type of Bluetooth machine that supports external keyboards.

In addition this device is lightweight and very compact, which can move anywhere.

It is possible to enter text anywhere, as long as the machine connected to the keyboard is compatible with this device.

A very practical point of this keyboard is its system "Easy-Switch" which allows to connect up to three devices at the same time.

For example, it is possible to connect the keyboard to a Windows computer, an Ipad tablet and an Android smartphone at the same time.

Just press a single button to switch from one device to another and start typing on this device. Practice, no? 

Another advantage, this Logitech keyboard is able to recognize each type of device and thus automatically map the keys to be able to offer the user a standard layout of his favorite keyboard shortcuts.

When detecting the device, the universal keyboard will send the correct key codes.

The best high end Bluetooth keyboards

Here we go to serious things with these keyboards offering excellent performance.  You can also choose 11 Best Wireless Keyboards in 2024.

Corsair K63 : the best high-end

Corsair K63: The 5 (Real) Best Bluetooth Keyboards 2020 - Full Comparison: eAskme

  • PS4 compatible
  • Designed specifically for gaming
  • High price
We are here with a keyboard specifically designed for gaming.

With its gold-plated contacts gaming switches the user is guaranteed to be in the presence of a keyboard offering solid performance and an advantage over opponents using a less powerful keyboard.

In addition, this keyboard has a 100% anti-ghosting technology with a full rollover which ensures a complete consideration of all the commands operated simultaneously by the user to be sure to always get the desired result.

It is also possible to customize the dynamic backlighting system of this keyboard with its advanced control system of the individual lighting of the keys and their large characters printed on it.

It is thus easy to assign macros to the keys of the user's choice to create dynamic lighting effects.

Designed to lighten the playing space and facilitate movement, this keyboard comes without keypad. If it bothers you, you can, of course, buy one later.

Dedicated volume and multimedia controls are present on the keyboard so you can adjust the audio settings even in the middle of a game.

Logitech K780 : the versatile

Logitech K780: The 5 (Real) Best Bluetooth Keyboards 2020 - Full Comparison: eAskme

  • Smartphone and tablet support
  • Quiet and comfortable
  • High price
This high-end keyboard holds several particularly interesting aspects.

First of all it is possible to connect up to three devices at the same time.

With its Windows compatibility but also Mac, Android, iOS and Chrome OS, it is possible to switch from a laptop to a tablet or a smartphone without problem.

Equipped with both a USB port and a Bluetooth Smart system it can be connected to a lot of devices, which avoids all frustration and disappointment! 

Input via this keyboard is both quiet and comfortable. Its design and dimensions are classic, which avoids having to go through a time of adaptation of a traditional keyboard to this one.

Its large ergonomic keys and numeric keypad are in a classic layout and dimensions.

The keyboard life is approaching two years and its wireless range is 10 meters which is largely sufficient.

Very practical accessory directly integrated in the keyboard: a support for tablet and phone that makes the system toggle from one device to another with the support of a single touch even more ergonomic and enjoyable.

This accessory keeps smartphones, iPad and similar devices at an ideal angle for reading as well as for input, which I think is really good and avoids using D systems to tilt according to its needs.

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