August 25, 2021

Go from Your Garage to the club – a Guide on How to Get more Gigs as a DJ

So you’ve been DJing at all your friends’ parties for a while now.


You’ve also gained plenty of knowledge to get paid gigs. And lately, your parents threaten to get your tools out of the garage because they need the space.

Go from Your Garage to the club – a Guide on How to Get more Gigs as a DJ: eAskme
Go from Your Garage to the club – a Guide on How to Get more Gigs as a DJ: eAskme

You need a studio to create sets, and more importantly, you need a job because DJing isn’t cheap when you have to buy new equipment and pay for copyright.

It can be daunting to get more gigs as a beginner DJ, but remember that everyone started somewhere.

Even if you find it hard to believe, even David Guetta struggled to get more gigs in the beginning because no one knew how talented he was.

But, as with all other activities in the entertainment world, establishing a network of connections is the only way to find DJing opportunities.

Here are some recommendations on how to get more gigs.

Go out and meet people at events and clubs

It’s one of the oldest and most effective methods to promote your services.

It involves going out to events, meeting new people, and establishing connections.

Sounds like fun, right?

You’ll have to do it all the time when you gain fame. Identify the events that fit your music style in your hometown.

Don’t rock up on the first night and start promoting your services because you’ll probably annoy the organizers.

Instead, attend the events at the clubs that fit your style weekly, and soon you’ll become a face everyone knows and finds pleasant to talk to.

When the opportunity arises, mention that you’re a DJ and tell the event organizers you’d like them to listen to your sets.

Don’t mention money because they’ll do you a favor if they invite you to play a set on the weekend.

Promote your own event

Organizing your own DJing event won’t be easy because it implies hard work.

But it can help your DJing career. You can collaborate with a club and play your sets for free the first month, and if the number of clients increases, you can ask the club for a fee.

Use social media to promote your event, and ask your friends to invite their friends.

Use the Reels on Instagram and TikTok to promote your sets and attract more listeners.

Get insurance

Getting insurance shows your future clients that you’re a reliable and professional DJ.

DJ liability insurance is handy if your equipment damages the venue or if anyone gets injured during your performance.

As you may already know, damage and injuries often occur during parties. Therefore, clubs prefer to work with DJs with insurance.            

Sign up with a DJ agency

Your goal is to sign with a recording studio, and an agent can match you with the right one.

Search for DJ agencies in your area, and sign up with one.

You can also send demos to recording studios because DJs like Don Diablo and Nicky Romero always look for new talents and listen to all the demos they receive.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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