August 30, 2021

Increased Productivity Thanks to the Lifting Table

By Sona Mathews

Have you ever thought that your old desk might not be the most convenient option to use for long work hours?

And indeed, in most cases, prolonged sitting at a desk is associated with significant discomfort in the back, neck.

It might even lead to constant migraines and pains in the hands.

Increased Productivity Thanks to the Lifting Table: eAskme
Increased Productivity Thanks to the Lifting Table: eAskme

Needless to mention, such issues that evolve with time as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.

But, of course, this array of problems doesn't influence the person's mood and productivity positively.

Once you start noticing the discomfort and the productivity drop, it is time to change something.

Start Changes with Changing Your Desk

The best way to start a change is to replace your old desk with a new electric standing desk.

While this purchase doesn't seem very economical, it pays off very fast.

First of all, consider the positive influence on your health.

A standing desk allows you to change from a sitting to a standing position.

So, you are moving more. It means that:

  • Your back muscles and joints have a chance to stretch and rest. So, unpleasant bothersome pains will disappear.
  • The neck also gets an opportunity to change its position. Muscles stretch, the blood circulation recovers, and you start feeling better.
  • When the blood flow to the brain recovers, migraines connected with oxygen deficiency disappear. You know what it means to work the entire day without being bothered by headaches, don't you?
  • Your feet and legs don't bother you as much as when you used to work the entire day in the same position.

Along with these positive effects that manifest in a short time, you can count on a plethora of benefits in the long term.

When you move more, you can avoid rapid weight gain.

While standing alone doesn't contribute much to the weight gain slowing down, standing desks are suited to support some exercises.

For example, for push-ups, you don't even have to look for a comfortable place. Instead, you can use your desk as support. Adjust its height to the needed level, and exercise.

To benefit maximally, the desk shall be adjusted properly.

There are some recommendations on how to do it:

  • You can adjust the desk height in a way to have your PC screen at the level of your eyes. It will prevent you from looking up or down and avoid the eyes' tiredness.
  • The hands shall rest on the keyboard of the desk surface. This position helps to prevent tunnel syndrome and speed up the typing process.
  • The back shall be in its natural position. Bending it or keeping it too straight will result in pains in the back.
  • The neck shall be kept straight. It will allow muscles to rest properly, and the blood will deliver sufficient oxygen to the brain.
  • The feet rest on the floor, the knees are bent under a 90-degree angle.

In a standing position, the requirements are almost the same.

The only difference is that the knees shall be slightly bent.

It will allow you to move weight from one leg to the other to avoid tiredness and an unpleasant feeling in the legs.

You will see that very soon; you will notice improvements in your physical condition and your mood.

When nothing bothers you physically, you can concentrate on your work and complete your tasks faster. It, in turn, boosts the motivation and satisfaction level from work in general.

Complete the Rearrangement with Other Items

A standing desk alone won't help a lot if you, for example, don't have a comfortable chair or an ergonomic carpet.

However, we believe that you should do it properly once you start investing in the most comfortable workplace.

So, you might consider the following items for your perfect working place (if you still haven't purchased them, of course).

An ergonomic chair will help you in your effort to make the work process as healthy as possible.

It will keep your back properly supported.

A good chair is fitted with a headrest and armrests for more comfort. It is better if your new chair is height-adjustable too.

An ergonomic carpet will help you to avoid feeling discomfort and pains in the feet after standing.

The item distributes the body weight correctly and helps get the best experience from using a height-adjustable desk.


Now, when the main items are ready, you can purchase those small but useful accessories that will complete your perfect working place.

For example, if you work with documents, a nice organizer might be a suitable option for your new desk. If you like small accessories, consider getting a nice pen holder.

If you need to place your PC CPU, a special CPU holder will solve the issue.

All in all, whatever you need, it can be selected immediately together with your new adjustable desk.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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