Top 10 Free-to-Download Android Productivity Office Apps

We are in the world of smartphones. Every smartphone has productivity apps as must-have apps.

These apps have the real potential to turn your smartphone into a computing tool.

Productivity office apps help you read, write, and edit different types of documents, compress or convert them, mail, and create contacts from business cards.

Google Play Store has an extensive collection of the most popular productivity apps paid.

Still, I have a list of free productivity apps for your Android devices.

Top 10 Free-to-Download Android Productivity Office Apps : eAskme
Top 10 Free-to-Download Android Productivity Office Apps : eAskme
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Top 10 Free-to-Download Android Productivity Office Apps:

Polaris Office + PDF:

It is free to download the official app. It helps you create and edit spreadsheets, documents, Adobe PDF files, and presentations.
This app allows you to save files in Excel, Powerpoint, and Word format.
Any file you open on Polaris Office gets saved automatically on your local device. You can also use the PDF drive.

WPS Office:

WPS Office is an excellent tool.

It can work with any document, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF.

It shows you document the same way as it looks on your pc.

It allows you to access and edit documents easily.

OfficeSuite 8+PDF:

OfficeSuite allows you to create, edit and view Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents.

You can from/to PDF and manage your files.

It also provides a seamless transition of files between desktop and smartphone.

Docs To Go Free Office Suite:

Docs To Go Free Office Suite is completely free-to-use editing and viewing app.

It gives you options to connect with multiple cloud storage desktop file sync and also allows you to open password-protected files.

Google Keep:

Google Keep is an Evernote alternative.

It has features like attaching images with notes, voice memos, Android wearable support, etc.

Microsoft Office Mobile:

Microsoft Office Mobile allows you to edit, view and access Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents.

Image to PDF converter:

It allows you to create PDF files from single or multiple images.


It scans, sync, store, and collaborate on various content across Tablets, computers, and smartphones.

It uses the camera of your smartphone to scan documents.

PDF Reader:

PDF Reader is an excellent app for reading PDF files on your Android smartphone or tablet device


WinZip is a free app version and the most popular file compression tool.

These are a few of the Free-to-Download Android Productivity Office Apps. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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