August 27, 2021

10 Awesome Online Places Where You Can Learn WordPress

Learning WordPress these days is one of the most critical tasks, even if you are not a web designer or programmer.

Since over 455 million websites use WP today, knowing how to edit things and bring changes will help you add information right away or save funds for your company as you won't have to consult an IT specialist.

10 Awesome Online Places Where You Can Learn WordPress: eAskme
10 Awesome Online Places Where You Can Learn WordPress: eAskme

Luckily, there are many places online that can help you learn WordPress.

It is one of the most flexible and expanding tools; it will always pay off as you will stay in control no matter what!

10 Awesome Online Places Where You Can Learn WordPress

1. WordPress Codex:

It is hosted by, which is the official database that lists all the essential information.

It provides free lessons and explains how to upgrade your template.

It will also explain how to set things up in your native language if you are not a native English speaker.

It is also aimed at beginners and lets you see what tricks can make things less complex.

It is the best place to start your learning!

2. WordPress Training:

If you want to receive professional training that deals with WordPress, turning to these courses that cost $19.99 per month is a good choice.

It does not focus on WP per se because it also explains how to create your blog and make it work.

In addition, it shows how to use different modules in practice, which sets this option apart since you start to understand what you need and what choices are the best.

3. The TAO of WordPress:

Those who like to do some reading can turn to this self-learning ebook that is over 300 pages.

It may sound overly complex at first, yet it explains things like plugins, third-party apps, analytics, and many other benefits that are not usually brought up unless you are choosing something for advanced users.

In addition, it is well-structured and has keywords that you can look through when you need some precise information.

4. WP Square:

It has good explanations regarding particular tasks like changing fonts or adding social network pages.

It has individual lessons that show things in practice, just like those HTML lessons that some may remember.

If you want to keep things simple without learning all the possible aspects of WordPress, look no further!

5. WPBeginner:

As the name implies, it is meant for beginners and does not cost you anything.

It combines excellent video tutorials and lessons that start with basic tutorials and those cases when some problems arise.

What makes it great is that it deals with the most common problems as you learn.

For example, if you are dealing with some websites, it will provide you with the required skills that will help you to add pictures, change prices, and do most editing.

6. Udemy's WP Course:

This one needs no introduction as Udemy offers thousands of free and paid courses, including solutions meant for beginners up to data analytics or programming using WP plugins.

Moreover, it is one of the safest options to understand how to install a blog and choose various design aspects since it takes an academic approach.

The same relates to WP website creation, which includes editing an already existing website.

7. WP Apprentice:

It requires a subscription and is commercial, yet you can look at the free snippets of these fantastic video tutorials.

It will work for most people as it follows every step of installing your website or editing a blog.

You can either choose training or tutorial videos, depending on what you would like to do.

If you already have some experience, these training lessons will help you to polish your knowledge.

On the other hand, paying $47 once will grant you lifetime access to excellent tutorials when some parts are unclear.

8. WP101:

It is another video subscription service that provides over 100 videos that you can choose from.

They have a great structure that starts from installation tips to complex language platforms and plugins to help you build an online shop.

Since these can be accessed on your mobile or desktop, you can see relevant, helpful templates.

It offers the first three videos free of charge, making it possible to understand if it fits you.

Premium features will cost $19, which is not too much for explanatory videos that you can download or stream online.

9. WPsetup:

This one helps you to set up your website and start from the basics.

Unfortunately, it is what confuses most people as they do not know how to install WordPress properly.

Once you learn how to get started, all the rest is only a matter of taste and the required tools.

If you want to make a multilingual website, choosing the correct keywords and language databases will take some time.

For example, if you are aiming for Spain, consider the best Spanish translation services first as you need to offer original content that can be ranked high (SEO factor).

Once done, you must proceed with the foreign keywords.

10. WordPress TV:

If you are looking for video tutorials, this might be your best bet as it goes step-by-step and provides good information regarding SEO.

However, if you miss this point, it won't help much as every website will have to implement correct tools that have already come integrated with most WordPress templates.

It also has guest speaker videos that share their experiences regarding business methods.


Even when you create an excellent website, it always includes SEO tools and conversion of your visitors to your customers.

The most challenging part is to avoid plagiarism as only original content can be ranked higher than your competition.

It doesn't have to be overfilled with related keywords or constant references to some blogs.

It is your set of ideas that will stand out as your visitors will stay longer.

The trick is not to bring over 100 people but to let at least 50 of them become your loyal customers.

If you offer something unique, your content and great WP design will consistently achieve success.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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