August 27, 2021

7 Tools How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week

When you think that learning WordPress in a week and free of charge is not possible, it is high time to think again because all it takes is installing your web page and learning how to adjust plugins even if you already have something started.

The tricky part is to find appropriate tools that will fit your approach to things.

7 Tools How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week: eAskme
7 Tools How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week: eAskme

Since you will encounter a dozen online courses and video tutorials, far not all of them offer the basics essential for beginners.

Therefore, always take your time to research things and remember that it only takes an effort to make the first step.

7 Tools How to Learn WordPress For Free In a Week

1. WPBeginner

This free course is aimed at beginners, yet it covers not only essential topics like initial installation.

It also focuses on simple tricks that do not require too much code knowledge or writing.

If you want to know how to change your font or increase its size without spending an hour, this will be your safest bet.

Even though this resource might not be overly popular (since most web coders usually seek paid solutions), it should not be ignored as it can take you about five days to look through the guides and finally get done with your personal website.

It only requires an email address to register and gain lifetime access to various video and text content dealing with WordPress.

2. WordPress.TV

The most impressive part of these WP video tutorials is that they are free. Mind you; there are thousands of them worth checking!

It will explain everything from dealing with odd panel alerts to working with Elementor or creating a multilingual website.

What makes it even more remarkable is the presence of live streams that explain things based on specific questions from the community, like SEO aspects or keeping one's content unique.

It should be mentioned that avoiding plagiarism and translating every keyword correctly is also essential.

Consider checking IsAccurate to see the most reliable translation options and keep your site tidy regarding content and foreign keywords.

3. iThemes Training Course:

The chances are high that you have encountered at least one of the famous iThemes plugins or saw other people mention them in more advanced video tutorials.

Surprisingly enough, iThemes also offer free training for those people who care about their time and want to master WordPress in about a week.

These are not video tutorials per se but special training blocks that will help you start with the first portion and then gradually get towards more complex aspects.

It also has a live chat feature that can be used for archived content as this is where most people ask questions and determine certain bits that must be explained at greater depth.

4. WP Podcasts:

What do we get if we unite podcasts with a skilled instructor who knows WordPress well?

Correct, we receive excellent presenters who can tell about WordPress and explain how it works by focusing on various solutions and explaining how and why they can be helpful.

For example, if you listen to how to create a successful blog as a freelancer, relevant podcast sessions will discuss the best plugins for such purposes.

Likewise, if you want to learn how to fix inevitable mistakes, another presenter will mention the list of things to look into before you give up and say that WordPress is not for you!

As you listen to at least ten podcasts, you will already gain some basic understanding.

It might take you longer than a week, yet you will not feel confused as you encounter themes and plugins.

5. Launchparty's Website in a Weekend:

They promise to teach you how to launch a website in three days only. It is possible, indeed, even if you have never tried creating something web-based before.

It is partially because of WordPress because it is easy to install basic modules and add templates.

In addition, it revolves around Elementor, which speeds up things significantly.

The "third day" will teach you to customize things like fonts and logos to your preferences.

Most importantly, it will end up with a fully functional website that you can change and improve according to your needs as you learn.

6. Udemy's WordPress For Beginners:

This one is called "WordPress 101: A Complete Beginners Guide to WordPress" and comes free of charge.

What makes it great is that every bit is systematized correctly.

In addition, you have unlimited access to video tutorials. It is an excellent way to see if it is the right course for you.

Choosing paid portion of this offering, you also receive relevant WP certification about course completion and ask instructors about what you could not understand as much as you wish.

Since these cost approximately $20, it is one of those options that are worth paying for.

7. LearnWoo's WP Course:

If you want to learn more about WordPress to create a shop or start some commercial business online, this company offers various helpful tools dealing with e-commerce.

It takes an integral approach since it is not simply listing WP plugins but also explains how they can benefit your business and how they can be improved or customized to work with multilingual platforms.

It has good trials and previews of the paid content.

Yet, even their free basics offerings will help you understand why WordPress is one of the leading web environments for digital operations.

Simplicity is the key!


The most crucial aspect to consider is free trials or video previews if you are dealing with paid subscription services.

Remember that while it is possible to understand how WordPress works, it is still recommended to take some time to polish one's skills because web programming and hurrying do not mix just like water and oil.

As you choose an online course, look out for practical examples and actual code snippets as it will help you learn by example, which is always essential.

When you see actual code lines, it always shows that people behind some 

WordPress course know their job well!

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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