September 15, 2021

Essential Factors to Look For While Choosing Bitcoin Wallet

By Sona Mathews

While buying your first cryptocurrency, you would require a digital wallet to store your crypto coins. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are stored the same way as regular money, but the only difference is that cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets. Choosing the right digital wallet is an important step that every bitcoin user should take care of.

Essential Factors to Look For While Choosing Bitcoin Wallet: eAskme
Essential Factors to Look For While Choosing Bitcoin Wallet: eAskme

There is a wide range of digital wallets to choose from that may confuse you.

Having the proper knowledge of how to choose a digital wallet is extremely important for every crypto investor.

It is vital to make an informed decision while selecting a bitcoin wallet. So let us discuss a few factors or things that are crucial to take care of.

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Security is important

Security of a digital wallet is crucial, and along with it, you need to consider many things:

If you are using a web wallet, make sure to check if the website of the wallet provider has HTTP or HTTPS in it. HTTPS is considered a secure protocol when compared to HTTP.

Make sure to check whether the wallet offers strong and protected logins or not.

Check if your wallet provides the option of two-factor authentication that adds a layer of security to your wallet.

Doing homework while choosing a digital wallet is encouraged, and you must learn these things before deciding on a wallet.

Private keys mean ownership of bitcoins.

Private keys are secret keys that prove the ownership of a wallet.

If any wallet user doesn't have access to the wallet's private keys, you don't control your wallet, which proves that you are not the owner of your wallet.

Choosing a digital wallet that provides users complete control over their private keys is crucial.

This helps wallet users to move their crypto coins in and out of wallet anytime and from anywhere.

Having control over private keys also allows users to create a backup of their wallets.

Feature of Multisignature

Wallet service providers offer the feature of multi-signature that makes the wallet a secure place to store cryptocurrencies.

The multi-signature feature requires two or more keys to authorize the crypto transaction, which means multiple parties need to approve the transfer or spend of crypto coins.

Using the feature of multi-signature will secure your wallet and coins from cyber threats.


Anonymity is essential for everyone in today's time.

However, not every user wants to share their personal information or bank details with the government and third parties.

Not every digital wallet is the same as some don't offer anonymity while some don't mandate users to share their details or documents.

Bitcoin users can choose a wallet according to the anonymity that they prefer.

Some digital wallets require users to go through a verification process requiring documents to share to complete the KYC and AML norms.

While choosing a digital wallet, understand whether anonymity is crucial for you or not and then make an educated decision.


Ensure to check whether the wallet service provider is transparent in their terms of operations and security.

It is essential to learn about the source code of the wallet.

An open-source code wallet is a secure wallet, and this will provide you with security for your bitcoins.

The best thing about open-source wallets is that vulnerabilities can be checked, and peers can review them.

Additionally, ensure that the source code of the digital wallet is updated.

User Experience

User experience matters a lot as not everyone is experienced or amateur to use a wallet.

The wallet must not be so confusing or easy to use.

It should neither be too simple and must not require high technical knowledge to use the wallet.

If you are an experienced user, you would need an advanced version, but a simple and easy wallet will be suitable if you are a beginner.

Backup wallet

Make sure to check if the wallet provider offers a way to create a backup of your wallet.

Also, check whether the backup is encrypted or not.

You must check all these options to know about the digital wallet.

Reliability and reputable

Check about the reliability and reputations of wallets on the internet and learn the reviews of different wallets.

Many peers share their valuable feedback after using the wallet, and their experience can help you.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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