September 02, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Trade Shows

It takes months of preparation to prepare an attractive and eye-catching trade show.

And there are many ways to align yourself with the rest of the crowd, but only when you prepare for it.

Regardless of what kind of company you are or your target audience, there is always a trade show conducted for your company.

Everything You Need to Know About Trade Shows: eAskme
Everything You Need to Know About Trade Shows: eAskme

So make your name and brand with documents and talks, and through the first impression, you make when people see your stand.

Here are some tips to remember while preparing your next trade show booth wall.

Importance Of Setting Quantitative Goals

If you haven't set goals for the show,  or you haven't decided the potential number of customers to prospect, or the number of deals you want to succeed, and if you don't have a promised dance card before the show, then you have failed to maximize your employee's time.

These additional preparations can mean the difference between an uncertain return on investment and a healthy return on investment.

Also, prepare your trade show booth wall cautiously.

Utilize Trade Shows to Test Products

In some cases, instead of organizing expensive market research studies, consider displaying product prototypes or personal spaces in demo booths and suites in hotels.

This saves time and money and gives you qualitative data that you might otherwise miss.

Your trade show booth wall should compliment your product.

Gather competitive intelligence:

You don't need a booth to gather information about your competitors at the show.

Instead, try to spend time with yourself and your staff to demonstrate all your competitor's products.

Then, after the show, summarize the results and create a report about transportation and logistics.

Don't Prioritize The Location:

Of course, we all want to attend some trade shows in Hawaii.

But sometimes shows in less desirable positions are the ones that produce the most serious buyers.

Try to figure out what type of participants the exhibition organizer shows in the demographic data from past events.

This will give you a brief idea about the type of attendee you might encounter in the trade show.

Trade Shows with no Track Records are Risky:

Participating in shows without any track records may be subject to a fee.

If your new show is in or near your hometown or headquarters, you can attenuate your spending.

However, in some cases, it is important to wait for the show to perform before actually entering the show.

Effectively Use Promotions:

Part of the excitement of going to the fair is to return home with exciting prizes.

Being at the fair means being close to your potential customers, so it's important to offer unique items by which they can remember you.

So, make sure to use your promotional products wisely.

In addition to giving trade show attendees a gift they expect, promotional products can work wonders for you as well:

Drive traffic to your booth:

Just making a fun gift can get many people in front of your booth (and lead to a lot of potential customers).

Everyone would like to gain some information on you.

While they wait together, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your service and gather leads for follow-up after the show when people are in different locations in the convention center and see your name on a bag or fancy item so that they can find you.

Create a Good Impression About Your Company

Any gift will be appreciated, but a special gift can create a connection between what you are doing and the needs of your prospects.

Amount You Should Spent on Promotional Products

This largely depends on your budget.

If someone approaches you and is interested in knowing more about your business, I think it's a good lead.

The best thing you can do to impress (except a trade win) is to give them a little something to remember your name.

At the cost of around $5 per person, you can find a product with enough flare to attract crowds without breaking the bank.

Many unique items can be used together to create an impactful gift package.

Reaching Buyers At The Trade Show

The most effective way to eliminate the chaos of competitive trade is to show promotions to potential customers before entering the show.

Ideas for making your pre-show promotions successful are described in the article "Pre-Exhibit Marketing: Pick them up before they get there."

However, you can use many effective at-show marketing strategies even if you choose not to run a pre-show promotion.

Approach the Targeted Audience Before They Approach you

The show allows buyers to specify a continuation target before they arrive on the show floor.

Find a place for potential customers to stay during the show and send targeted leaflets and engraved products to their hotel room.

For example, at the Comdex show in Las Vegas, Microsoft provided silkscreen pillowcases to be placed on pillows in all hotel rooms in the city.

So, the attendees (and other visitors) saw the Microsoft logo and booth number printed on the pillows when they pulled back their bedspreads at night.

Make Your Giveaways Standout

If you choose to use the premium, make sure to choose a useful item that is meaningful to your customers and prospects and use it as a farewell gift.

It should seem that your giveaways are working hard to fetch you sales.

Examples of insurance premiums are those presented after prospective customers complete a survey, or participate in a presentation, or after setting up a sales reservation.

A Proper Information Premium Approach

If you choose to use "Information Premium" as a gift for your exhibition, make sure to add more value to it, including the appropriate promotional products.

Clip articles and reports together with a huge engraved paper clip.

It should also include engraved markers or embossed leather bookmarks.

Audio and videotapes can be placed in engraved tote bags or portfolios.

Computer discs may be provided in an engraved CD case. Whatever product you choose, it must complement your "Information Premium."


No matter which approach is used, the exhibit manager or coordinator must have the authority and responsibility to demand the requirements and take action if the requests are ignored.

However, optimal use of these trade shows can give your company excellent exposure, and it will also help develop connections with future collaborators and trendsetters.

The current financial market requires each sale and marketing sector side to subtract their weight in generating revenue.

And trade shows are the cheapest way to reach a large target segment of the buying population.

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