October 31, 2021

What are the Senior Caregiver Duties?

Caregiver duties include a lot of cleaning, shopping, medical help, medications, cooking, etc. Yet caregivers’ responsibilities are not limited to simple medical help or cleaning.

A senior caregiver is a person who ensure the safety of old-aged people.

What are the Senior Caregiver Duties?: eAskme
What are the Senior Caregiver Duties?: eAskme

Before you think of hiring a senior caregiver or becoming a senior caregiver, you should understand what is a caregiver and what he does?

Today, you will find the answers.

What is a Senior caregiver?

A senior caregiver cares for the well-being and the health of person who needs help in completing his routine task.

Old age people require caregivers to help them during illness, injury, memory loss, chronic conditions, and limited mobility.

What are the Senior Caregiver Duties?

Medical care:

Taking care of medical needs is one of the first duties of senior caregiver.

To become a caregiver, you need to understand how to assess pain, schedule appointments with doctors, and manage critical conditions.

Discuss with the doctor to get professional help.

Prepare care plan:

Preparing a caregiving plan helps you understand your daily duties.

Prepare monthly or weekly plans.

You will understand that how many hours you need to invest in caring for the old aged person.

Basic needs:

Senior people face mobility and memory loss issues.

They need help to complete basic tasks such as toileting, eating, grooming, bathing, etc.

Understand the signs of the need to understand when a senior asks for help.


Seniors often feel lonely.

Companionship is one of the most important parts that help ease the pain and manage the health issues in old age people.

Your care for aging person will help to establish a strong bond.


In old age, people need help in housekeeping. A senior caregiver can help you with the garbage disposal, cleaning dishes, and vacuuming. You may also need to do yard work and snow shoveling.

The caregiver may also need contact with movers to get the products like Ove Decors delivered.

Prepare meals:

A senior caregiver also takes care of food preparation.

You need to cook food for aged people, which is unsafe if the senior person has mobility or memory issues.

The caregiver will do the shopping and prepare meals.

Transportation and Mobility:

Aging people can fall because of health issues, and falls can cause major damage to their health.

It is the job of caregivers to help senior in transferring or moving.

You may also need to help the person in public transportation.


You need a caregiver when you feel like your senior needs proper care and attention.

You can also become a caregiver if you have patience, a calm and productive mind.

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