November 15, 2021

Technology Trends in Education

Technology has, in the recent past, cemented its place in the education sector. It is no longer seen as a disruptive element.

It seemed to be more distracting than helpful in previous years, but today, it is different.

Technology Trends in Education: eAskme
Technology Trends in Education: eAskme

Internet and devices like smartphones and PC are almost equivalent to textbooks.

But, what are the tech trends in education that continue to prove their significance in the field?

Let’ take a quick at some of the top trends.


Distance learning has, for years, been a go-to, but mostly for higher education. Today, it has extended to cover virtually every academic level.

While the global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the change, it only emphasizes its effectiveness in meeting educational needs.

Remote learning offers many benefits.

This includes flexibility, cost-effectiveness, highly-personalized understanding, and accessibility, to mention a few.

As more innovative measures continue to make their way into the education sector, the e-learning trend shows no signs of slowing down.


Virtual and augmented tech trends continue to shape the education landscape in varying ways. It facilitates an experiential learning environment.

Virtual labs, gamification, virtual tours, to mention a few, are some of the AR/VR trends in the modern learning arena.

With a more hands-on experience, the tech trends enhance collaboration and engagement; this makes it easier for instructors to disseminate information.

Learners also have a better time understanding, especially as they interact with the materials more engagingly.

Classrooms are no longer that boring. With the immersive learning approach, classrooms have become more interactive than traditional settings, translating to improved learning progress.

Big data

Blockchain technology makes it easier to store unlimited data.

Access to such data isn’t as challenging either, especially compared to paper and folders.

Authentication ease and costs of managing significant data are much manageable; this further promotes the personalization of the learning experience.

Instructors have access to an extensive pool of data, helping them to understand the learners better.

With such information, ranging from the learner’s enrollment period, performance, and feedback, it is easier to customize the materials and offer a personalized experience.

This translates to improved progress as varying styles and paces characterize learners.

Personalized learning is a significant problem that the traditional setting has failed to address over the years.

It is not hard to see why more stakeholders favor Edtech with such customization capabilities.

Video-assisted lessons

Who doesn’t like movies?

They are entertaining, and over the years, have been used in education to a certain degree. Today, video-assisted learning has hit new levels, especially as screen time during the lessons increases—video-assisted lessons spices up the experience.

The content is more interactive than an instructor standing in front of a class.

They are comprehensible, and with entertaining approaches such as animated content, their effectiveness in courses continues to propel their popularity.

Interactive learning

Learning doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. Edtech acknowledges this, and learners can enjoy a more interactive experience with platforms like social media.

You no longer have to shun social media and other digital communication channels, as they are a resourceful learning center. Memes aren’t the only aspect that can go viral.

Educational content can also be shared across varying groups, enhancing the learning process with such exposure.

Most, if not all, education institutions have embraced social media. It is an effective channel for direct communications, sharing content, and promoting interactive learning.

Technology is everywhere, and the education arena hasn’t been left behind. Regardless of your academic level, you can benefit a lot from the tech.

For instance, as you strive to stay on schedule, you can enlist professional services to help you with problematic concepts.

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