June 26, 2020

Best Educational Apps For Students

By Sona Mathews
A smartphone has always been considered a distraction to students. Tutors and parents have been on the lookout, ensuring that the phones do not affect education. Every innovation has its pros and cons. Mobile apps have currently become virtual classrooms to ease lessons and focus.

Mobile educational apps have changed the education sector. It has come whereby educational experts have embraced the potential of educational apps.

There has been an integration of the apps using smartphones. It is the responsibility of the student to learn all the things.

Best Educational Apps For Students: eAskme
Best Educational Apps For Students: eAskme

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They are sought after since it is a perfect blend of user experience and knowledge.

Most students get frustrated when they have the assignment to complete but have limited resources, education, or time.

The good news is that there are numerous sites you can get an expert to handle your homework online.

Educational apps have different functions, such as learning subjects or organizing activities in the classroom.

The design is to enjoy and understand.If a student has a smartphone, they need to make maximum usage of free educational apps.

Below you will find free educational apps best for students:

Google Classroom:

This app is beneficial for completing and submitting assignments and homework. Tutors have the chance to review their work and grade using a simple process.

It deals with virtual classrooms and used for class creation, making announcements start discussions, making remarks, grading assignments, and resource sharing.

It is an easy app to use since tutors share code with the class. Students join the class after entering the codes. It helps in enhancing communication, faster grading, and improved organization.

IIDE Bookmark App:

IIDE is a leading institute for digital marketing.
You can master digital marketing tools and techniques through IIDE’s MBA in Digital Marketing, which will help you get a good grasp of digital marketing aspects through live lectures, assignments, and live projects.

The assignments and projects can be submitted through IIDE's learning management system known as ‘Bookmark’.
You can also see the schedule for the lectures and get access to zoom links for live lectures via it.

As a part of every module, students take quizzes that must also be submitted through IIDE's LMS - Bookmark.

The LMS is a one-stop station for all quizzes, assignments, and classes timetable to be submitted by students throughout the course.


The app helps students to learn the course in top universities such as Columbia, MIT, and Harvard. Since it is not easy to get into these universities, edX is the best educational app.

You can learn over 2000 courses such as business studies, engineering, computer science, and linguistics.

The professional credits and certificates help in building a professional career. They come in video tutorials, study handouts, and interactive quizzes.


Simplilearn is a great place to learn Data Science & Business Analytics, AI & Machine Learning, Project Management, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Business and Leadership, Quality Management, Software Development, Agile and Scrum, IT Service and Architecture, Digital Marketing course, Big Data, etc.

Khan Academy:

The app offers the best and excellent education for different minds all over the globe. It has a unique way of driving knowledge into students’ brains in the form of video tutorials.

They also provide online courses for standardized tests such as LSAT, MCAT, and SAT.

This app has an added advantage because of practice exercises, the ability to track progress and learn multiple languages.


The app helps in learning new languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, English, and Latin. It offers a fun and interactive way and a labelinggame.

Different engaging games help in improving grammar and vocabulary skills.

A student has the option to set their daily goals, track performance and provide insights.

It comes in more than 30 languages, forum discussion, interactive stories, and learning events.


This app has the ultimate answers to problems, and students can connect with the school community, including parents and teachers.

As a student, you will join a class code or school, and you will receive regular updates.

With Remind, it is possible to message the whole class, share photos and handouts, and submit assignments.

Final Words:

The above are some of the best and free educational apps for students. They will help in engaging with personalized learning experiences. It has helped the education sector and making learning more accessible.

That is the reason there has been a rise in hiring mobile app developers to assist in integrating the different platforms.

It has become more comfortable and useful for students to understand and have fun when learning.

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