December 30, 2021

Comprehensive Analysis of Polish Gaming Market: Social vs. Classic Online Casinos

The online gambling industry has been around for longer than a decade, but not all countries adapted to it in the same way.

While some, like the United Kingdom, accepted it from the very start, others, like Poland, took a more cautious approach.

Comprehensive Analysis of Polish Gaming Market: Social vs. Classic Online Casinos: eAskme
Comprehensive Analysis of Polish Gaming Market: Social vs. Classic Online Casinos: eAskme

Today the Polish iGaming market is strong but has some characteristics that can't be found in other countries.

One of the main factors that make it special is that social gaming is still more acceptable than traditional online gambling.

To help us understand this phenomenon, we talked to Aleksandra Maj.

Maj is one of the most famous experts on online gaming in Poland and has dedicated her life to introducing her compatriots to this fun pastime.

Social Dynamics Make Social Gaming More Popular:

"The main reason social gaming is far more popular than traditional online gaming lies in social dynamics," claims the gambling expert.

She explains how Polish still have close connections with their families, friends, and neighbors.

Polish users do the contrary compared to casino gamers in some other countries who play to distance themselves from others.

They play to have fun with people they know. "I would compare it to playing bingo, the most social game. It is not so that much about winning as it is about having fun with people you love", claims Maj.

Unlike in many other societies, the term "close family" is not limited to parents and their children or even grandparents in Polish culture.

It extends to close cousins, uncles and aunts, and even nuclear families of children's long-term partners.

In such an elaborate network of interpersonal relationships, social casinos serve as a place where families and friend groups can meet and have a good time.

Another reason why Polish people enjoy social gaming is that it is a socially acceptable form of gaming.

Like many other cultural circles, this one also has its share of prejudice on gambling, while gaming on social platforms is still perceived as harmless fun. "You play for virtual coins, diamonds, fun avatars, and wallpapers," says Maj and adds, "The stakes are low, and so are the rewards."

Winning Real Money - Major Force to Switch to Online Gaming:

With all that in mind, it is natural to wonder how Poland became one of the biggest online casino markets in Europe.

According to Maj, the secret lies in "wypłacalne kasyna online na prawdziwe pieniądze", or to translate it roughly in English - payouts that online real money casinos enable to most successful players.

"The most precise way to explain the Polish gaming market would be to say players start with social gaming, but switch to online gambling when they realize they can utilize their skills for money," Maj is honest.

In economic uncertainty, individuals try to max out on their income and sometimes choose to gamble.

However, Maj strongly disagrees with: "Gambling should be all about fun, and not making money.

Yes, if you win some along the way, you should be happy, but never consider gambling a source of income.

Always make sure you have all your living expenses covered before heading to a casino of any kind."

In her experience, the transition is most successful for poker players, who take advantage of free platforms and different apps to polish their skills and strategies.

They enter the worldwide poker arena with knowledge, experience, and attitude that doesn't differ much from the one other poker players have.

Slot enthusiasts tend to have more difficulties simply because outcomes are always random.

"There is no way you can learn how to play slots successfully. It all comes down to random results that have nothing to do with your knowledge on the machine", says Maj.

Social vs. Traditional Gaming - What Will Prevail?

If you ask our expert, there is no ultimate prediction on what will prevail in the future. “I honestly believe there is room for both social and traditional online gaming.

There will always be people who like to play but don't want to spend money on it.

There will also be many people who will be willing to afford real money gaming", explains Maj.

She also notices that, despite some gaming genres being more skill-based, slot machines will remain as coveted. "It is the excitement that made them popular in the first place.

Plus, these games have been around for decades and will remain one of the most popular genres", claims Aleksandra and hopes that Polish gamers will mature along with the market, and develop responsible gaming practices, instead of focusing only on the fun.

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