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Top 11 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives

Solarmovie or sites like Solarmovie are the home for every movie lover. Solarmovie is so popular that many other sites like has adopted the concept of Solarmovie to make people find online movies and videos easily.

If you want to save hours of surfing and want to land in the right place to watch movie streaming, then Solarmovie and Solarmovie alternatives are waiting for you.

Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme
Top 11 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

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What is Solarmovie?

Solarmovie is a highly popular site to watch streaming videos, but there are many less popular yet valuable alternatives of Solarmovie available online.

Top 11 sites like solarmovie: best Solarmovie alternatives

Here, I am sharing the top ten best movie sites like Solarmovie, or you can call them the best Solarmovie alternatives.


123Movies is one of the best place to find movies online. The site features not only the high quality movies but also features the top rated TV series.

There are many other sites like 123movies where you can find movies to stream online and on some website you can even download the movies to watch offline.


Hulu: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

Hulu is a worthy site that I love to list as best sites like solarmovie. You want to watch a video, name it, and you will find it on Hulu. It is a paid site, but they offer the one-month free trial, so you can test the site and find out how valuable it is.

Hulu is an online TV. You can watch 50+ on-demand live channels. You have to pay $40/month to enjoy Hulu TV plan. You can not only browse Hulu on your laptop but also access it on Apple TV, Android and  Xbox one.

At $7.99/month you can access all the movies and videos on Hulu.

You may have enjoyed the Netflix original series; now it is time for you to enjoy Hulu original series. It is one of the most recommended sites like Solarmovie. Hulu is satisfying movie lovers from years. All you need is to visit the website.


Haloa Movies:

Haloa Movies: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

Do you know why this site is different from other solarmovie alternatives? The reason is that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Once you visit the site, you will fall in love with it. Its homepage is filled with the latest and high rated movies.

You can not only watch movies, but you can also check the description and storyline of the film before watching. This is some of the best kind of video streaming sites.

You can also browse the movies according to the genre such as action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, history, horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi, thriller and western.

This site does not feature or stream tv series and TV shows.

Haloa Movies is different than other sites like solarmovie. You will find movies in HD.



 Movies4k: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

I cannot complete the list of solarmovie alternatives without including Movie4k. Movies4k is the site that you want to visit again and again. You will love to find your favorite movies listed here.
Not only the latest but some of the oldest movies are listed in their database. You will find all the videos in high quality.

All the movies on this site are not in their database. You will find videos streaming from third-party sites. For each film, you will see few links where you can watch the movie streaming.

They also have Tv- series listed for you to watch some high rated shows and series. The best thing is that they save you from a lot of commercials.

They also have an adult section, but I hope you don’t get too distracted with that.



Movies4u: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

Movies4U is complete movies site when compared to other sites like solarmovie. It is a high-quality movie site which also features Tv shows.

It is the site where you can watch suggested movies, top rated movies, and latest movies in HD or SD print. You can check the film according to different categories such as Top IMDB Movies, A-Z movies, actors, and genre.

Site :

Movie Watcher:

Movies Watcher: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

Movie watcher is an excellent place to find all your favorite tv shows and movies. This is the place where you can watch online videos instantly. It is one of the most preferred sites I have included in the list of sites like Solarmovie.

This is the site where you will find all the latest movies. You will also see the upcoming film on this site. This helps you stay updated when you can watch the next movie. It is a movie paradise for movie freaks.


New Movies Online:

NewMoviesOnline: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: easkme

Do you love to watch new movies online? If yes, then you will forget the other alternative sites solarmovie. NewMoviesOnline is a complete package to watch movies, documentaries, tv series and shows for free.

It has a massive database of old and latest movies. You can even search for the film according to genre and years. You can also watch some biographies on this site.

Similar to other sites like solarmovie you can also find movies in different languages.

You can find some tv series that you may have not even heard before.



Rainierland: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

Rainierland is the best alternative of solarmovie. You will find it different from other sites like solarmovie. You will see some of the most interesting content on this site. You will see all the tv shows and movies free on this site.

It is a quality site to watch tv series and movies. You can find the latest tv shows listed on this site. Watching the most recent seasons is the easy way to view worldwide. You can even watch reality shows on this site.

Sites Like rainierland

You will find newest videos easily on this site. This site is filled with content for all ages. You can even browse for the movies or tv series you are looking for.



vumoo: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: easkme

Are you looking for latest and updated movies or tv shows then Vumoo is a worthy alternative of solarmovie. It is similar to solarmovie as it allows you to watch various tv shows and movies online. You can even find some documentaries on this site. It is a free site. To access all the features, you need to register on this site.

According to the site, they have 60k plus movies on their database. All the videos are available in sound quality. You will also love their instant results.

There is no doubt that Vumoo is one of the best alternatives sites like solarmovie. You will love to watch the movies available on their database. The best thing about Vumoo is that it is free from any popup and additional ads.

On this site, you will find movies in different categories such as title, actors, years and genres. It is a valuable alternative to Netflix as well.



It is the time to find a site which does not believe in quantity but quality. Yify is the site that is known as the quality sites like solarmovie. Because of their condition, they made their place in this list of best sites like solarmovie.

The best about the site is that you can watch all the movies in HD for free. All the film streaming provided by third-party websites. But, all the videos you find in their collection are of high quality.
 They have also categorized movies into different sections such as action, comedy, drama, horror, romantic, thriller, etc. You will love to find your favorite movies in their top 250 list.


Yes, Movies:

Yes Movies: Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

Yes, movies are here to offer you the best movies like other sites like solarmovie. If you are looking for a website where you can find videos according to the categories then Yes Movies is the place for you.

You can find movies according to the genre, a-z lists, Top IMDb, featured, country, etc. You can even watch some of the highly rated TV-Series.

Its genre contains 25 top rated categories. You can browse comedy, action, thriller drama, western, adult, musical, war, etc.

You can check the header slideshow to find the latest or upcoming movies.



top Sites like Solarmovie: Best Solarmovie Alternatives: eAskme

Fmovies is one of the most popular website to watch and download movies online. you cna also consider it as the best site like solarmovie. Fmovie features latest and even the old but top rated movies and Tv series. There are many alternatives to Fmovies available for you.

You can easily stream the movies online or you have the option to download them to watch offline.

Final Words:

There are unlimited online movie streaming sites available online. But these are the best sites like Solarmovie, or you can say best Solarmovie alternatives. These are the sites which are most used and widely recommended by all.

When it comes to finding the best site like solarmovie you cannot expect to settle for something with lower quality. No matter it’s paid or free, you always need a quality online movie streaming sites like solarmovie. Thanks for sharing.

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