Your BlackBerry Smartphone Will Not Work Anymore. End of the BlackBerry Operating System

BlackBerry as a smartphone device died on 4Th January 2021. 

It means that Blackberry smartphones running on the original Blackberry operating system will no longer get any update or support from the company.

You can also call it the end of BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Smartphones running on BlackBerry Operating system are No Longer Supported End to BlackBerry Devices: eAskme
BlackBerry Smartphones running on BlackBerry Operating system are No Longer Supported End to BlackBerry Devices: eAskme


Services for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1, Blackberry 10 Software, Blackberry 7.1 OS, and earlier are not available anymore. Any device that is running on this softwares will stop working. You cannot use BlackBerry for Wifi, calls, sms, data transfer, etc.

This update will also impact Blackberry Protect, Blackberry Blend, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and Blackberry Link.

Blackberry is a Waterloo, Ontario-based company. If you do not know, Blackberry handsets were popular when people were in love with QWERTY keyboards.

But with the demand for touchscreen phones has killed BlackBerry’s market.

Android has completely snatched BlackBerry’s smartphone market share with better picture quality, wide display, and functionality.

Blackberry has failed to attract smartphone users. The major reason why blackberry failed is that they have not updated their smartphones for the common user. A common user wants a wide display, high-resolution camera, more RAM, fast processor, easy to use functionality.

These are Android's features, which have caused a massive hit to BlackBerry.


4th January 2022 is the end of Blackberry Smartphone devices.

If you still have a Blackberry phone, you should switch to a new Android or Apple smartphone.

If you love your smartphone, you should keep it as an antique. Unfortunately, you will not be able to make calls or send SMS from your Blackberry smartphone anymore.

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