November 26, 2021

Twitter has Dropped Support for AMP Pages

Twitter wants to drop AMP. Why? Let’s find out today.

Twitter has decided to cancel AMP support by the end of the year.

AMP is a Google-backed format that makes the website mobile-friendly.

Twitter has Dropped Support for AMP Pages: eAskme
Twitter has Dropped Support for AMP Pages: eAskme

Twitter has announced the removal of AMP pages in their recent post.

Developers are already talking about this change.

Twitter has started the process of dropping support for AMP. There are chances that in some locations, Twitter has already discontinued support for AMP.

By the end of 2021, Twitter will stop sending users to AMP pages.

How will it affect websites?

Webmasters can still share AMP versions of their website pages and posts.

But Twitter will direct the user to the non-AMP page.

People will be visiting the original page of the website.

There is nothing that you need to do as nothing is changing for users.

Websites can keep using AMP plugins.

You can still share AMP links on Twitter.

Note: Google itself is trying to get rid of AMP.

Here is what you should know about it.

Google leaving AMP:

Google has already retired the amp icon during the Page Experience Update.

It has not affected the ranking of the pages.

Google has also dropped AMP from the requirement list to feature sites in the Top Stories carousel.

Existing pages are not removed, but they display alongside the other HTML posts.

Google has also said that they will keep displaying non-AMP content more often in Google News.

AMP pages are still visible in Google News but not as often as they were earlier.

Now Google and Twitter have made it clear that there is no future for AMP.

It is an indication for publishers that they should not worry about the AMP version anymore or even drop AMP from their websites.

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