October 12, 2021

Google Removing Support for Internet Explorer 11

The era of the Internet explorer is long lost. Now, Google is also hammering Internet explorer 11 by ending support.

According to Google, It is the time to move to the world’s user-friendly and updated web browsers.

Google Ended Support for Internet Explorer 11: eAskme
Google Ended Support for Internet Explorer 11: eAskme

So if you are still using Internet Explorer 11, you should know that Google search is no longer there. You can use Bing search instead.

Google’s software engineer Malte Ubl tweeted it as a piece of good news for the developer community.

When we say that Google is ending support for Internet Explorer 11, it doesn’t mean that users cannot access Google on internet explorer 11.

But, it means that Google is removing itself from the default search engine option.

Also, Google will display basic results only.

It also means that many other Google features will not work on Internet Explorer 11 anymore.

This is not good news because 1.32% of people still use Internet Explorer 11 from their desktop computers.

But we know brands think about business, and business comes from where most of the population goes.

Google has done every calculation before deciding to end their support for IE 11.

Even WordPress has dropped support for Internet Explorer 11 in July 2021.

This may not impact Microsoft as a brand is moving ahead from IE 11.

So, the current IE users will have to move to other browser options.

The best for them is to use Microsoft Edge Browser.


We are seeing the end of an era of Internet Explorer browsers. And IE 11 is the last of them.

People now have better and improved browser options like Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome browser, etc.

These browsers are advanced, offer easy access and a user-friendly interface.

There is nothing wrong with moving to a new browser that offers you a better user experience and saves you a lot of time.

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