January 24, 2022

Instagram Home Feed Update: Display More Content Types from Unkown Users

Instagram plans to display more content from users you are not even following.

Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri has talked about launching more content feed types in the mobile app. He also wants to relaunch the chronological feed feature.

Instagram Home Feed Update Will Show More content from Unkown Users Even If you Don’t Follow Them: eAskme
Instagram Home Feed Update Will Show More content from Unkown Users Even If you Don’t Follow Them: eAskme


You will see two new content feeds on Instagram, but you will also see the content of the people you are not following.

Chronological feed only displays the content from the accounts you are following, but you will have additional content in your feed without opting in.

Instagram is also launching a new feature that is inspired by Twitter lists. With this feature, you can curate the list of Instagram accounts to see their content.

It is time to explore more about the new Instagram features to give Instagram users more control.

Instagram Home Feed Update:

Instagram will soon roll out the home feed update. Right now, they are testing this feature.

Users will see 3 types of content feeds in the Instagram home feed such as:

  • Home: In the Instagram Home content feed, you will see content according to your interest.
  • Favorites: In the Instagram Favorites content feed, you will see the content of the accounts that you have selected as Favorite.
  • Following: In Instagram Following content feed, you will see the content from Instagram users that you are following.

Adam Mosseri has shared a video displaying the two new content feeds for Instagram.

Instagram believes that these features will help Instagram users to stay connected with the app for a long time.

Customization of content feed will help Instagram users choose what they like to see. But in the main feed, you will see everything from all the Instagram accounts.

Instagram wants to use home feed to display content recommendations based on user interest.

It can become an issue if Instagram users start watching a ton of content that they do not want to see.

Instagram users then switch to the following or favorite content feed.

Instagram is already testing these features with some users. The new Instagram content feed will be available for every user by the mid of 2022.


Like every website or blog, Instagram also wants to make sure that users spend more time on their app and feel entertained.

To ensure that, Instagram is launching new features so that people have more content to see and spend more time on Instagram.

It will be good to see how people will react to these changes once they roll out for users worldwide.

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