December 31, 2021

How to Create Engaging Instagram Carousel Posts?

Do you want to create Instagram Carousel Posts? If yes, today, you will learn effective tips to create engaging Carousel Posts.

Instagram carousel posts were one of the biggest Instagram updates of 2021. Now, Instagram is not only a photo-sharing app.

How to Create Engaging Instagram Carousel Posts?: eAskme
How to Create Engaging Instagram Carousel Posts?: eAskme

You can create Instagram Reels, Posts stories, share shopping experiences, etc.

But Instagram is nothing without images. So when you share photos on Instagram, you need to ensure that your posts gain engagement.

Thanks to Instagram Carousel Posts, you can create engaging content.

Instagram carousels are already proved as the best content strategy on the platform.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is Instagram Carousel Post?

Instagram carousels are like carousel ads that you see on Facebook. You can place upto 10 photos or images in the Instagram carousel.

The user will see the first photo for the first time, but he will see the next if he does not engage with the post.

Instagram Carousel posts help eCommerce websites and help blogs, social media sites, marketers, and every type of business to reach a wider audience and boost their online engagement.

Here are a few easy things that you must do to make your Instagram Carousels engaging.

Follow Basic Content and Copy Principles:

Instagram Carousel is a content strategy.

Share the idea of the articles and later club them into one carousel post.

Understand your target audience and talk directly to gain a real picture.

Your Instagram Carousel post will entertain each person differently yet make them connect with the same brand.

To get better results, always use high-quality images that capture the interest of your target audience.

Scroll Topper:

The first image should be a scroll topper.

The role of your first image is to make sure that visitors will click on that and rest the work your Carousel will handle.

You can use 10 high-quality target images. However, do not use too much-written content in images.

Compel the audience to Swipe Through Carousel:

Your Instagram Carousel should make the visitor scroll to the end of the content.

Th best way to make your Carousel conversational is by adding prompts and asking questions.

You can write something like “Swipe through for more!”

It will add curiosity to your visitors and make them reach the end of the carousel post.

Use visual signals to direct the visitor to the last image.


Make sure each slide is unique but connected to the main goal.

For example, you can use different images that display one step in each photo to launch a new blog.

You do not know which image the user will see for the first time. He may be looking at the third or even the last image of your Carousel.

Use standalone images to help the visitor understand the main topic of the Instagram carousel.

Bind them together:

You can use standalone images, but you also do not want to direct visitors to different directions with each image.

Each image must feel like a part of a web series.

You can do it by:

  • Using similar fonts and colors
  • Use presets, filters, and styles.
  • Feature-related products or services.
  • Use watermark or title.
  • Use a similar template.

This will help you improve branding on Instagram.

Do not overburn your Instagram Carousel Images:

When adding images to your Instagram Carousel, make sure that you should not put too much information in one image.

Each image should tell one part of the story, not the whole.

Do not populate your images with written words.


When adding images, do not ignore the disabled users.

Use alt text and image description in images.


Your Instagram carousel should make the user keep swiping till the last image.

People should share Instagram carousels, like them and comment on them.

The conversation is important.

And, you know how you can make it happen.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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