January 27, 2022

Instagram Promote Scheduled Live Video and Remixing Videos

The latest Instagram update allows users to promote scheduled live streams on Instagram profiles and remix videos on Instagram. Instagram is making its platform user-friendly and engaging with the help of top user-friendly features.

Instagram Update Promote Scheduled Live Video and Remixing Videos: eAskme
Instagram Update Promote Scheduled Live Video and Remixing Videos: eAskme

Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri has announced on Twitter about the launch of a new way to promote Instagram scheduled live streams and a new remix feature to remix any video.

It means that users can not publish their upcoming live stream on their profile to let their followers know.

Instagram improves messaging and videos to target teens and content creators.

We already know that Instagram is not a photo-sharing app only.

The major focus of Instagram is on videos.

The latest Instagram update is also about:

  • Promote scheduled live streams with banners on the profile page.
  • Remix any video on Instagram.

Here is more that you should know about these Instagram updates.

Promote Scheduled Live Videos on Instagram Profile:

You can go live on Instagram and schedule and promote the scheduled live video using a banner on your Instagram profile.

According to Adam, Creators are already scheduling Instagram lives, but now they have a new way to tell everyone that you have an Instagram live scheduled for the followers.

Instagram users can create multiple scheduled live videos.

Here is what the new live schedule feature looks like:

Visitors can tap on the live schedule banner to create a reminder.

Remix Videos on Instagram:

Instagram users can now remix any video on Instagram.

Remix videos on Instagram mean that you can use videos of others to reinvent them or respond o those videos in your words and videos. This feature is quite similar to TikTok reaction videos.

The initial version of the Instagram remix feature was the exact copy of TikTok reactions.

Now Instagram users can remix any videos, including Instagram Reels.

All you need is to tap on the 3-dots icon and choose “remix this video.”

Instagram video remix is an opt-in feature.


Instagram has already cleared that they are no longer a photo-sharing app only.

The major focus of Instagram is to lure users with videos.

Instagram videos are also important for the platform as they make the creator and followers spend more time on the platform.

It is crucial for the popularity of Instagram.

I am sure that Instagram content creators will appreciate both features as they help them create more videos in less time and easily inform visitors that the next Instagram lives is scheduled.

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