February 12, 2022

Google Search Ads 360 Guide: What’s New and What is Important?

What is Google Search Ad 360? Why Google has updated Search ad 360? What is new?

Google search ad 360 new updates live now.

Google has updated the features and design of the existing Search Ads 360 platform.

Google Search Ads 360 Guide: What’s New and What is Important?: eAskme
Google Search Ads 360 Guide: What’s New and What is Important?: eAskme

The primary reason Google has updated Search Ads 360 is to ensure that advertisers gain maximum scalability and productivity.

It is essential to know what is new in Google Search Ads 360 update.

What is Google Search Ads 360?

Google Search Ads 360 is a search ad management platform for advertisers.

You can easily manage your search marketing campaigns across media channels and multiple engines using a single platform.

Here is what you should know about the latest update to Search Ads 360.

Search Ads 360 Platform Update:

Google wants to serve the advertisers in the best way possible.

Google search ads 360 platform: eAskme
Google search ads 360 platform: eAskme

The new design of Search Ads 360 is like the Google Ads platform.

With the latest update, you will get some more benefits such as:

  • Quickly process and manage data.
  • Faster User experience.
  • Improved Bidding Strategies
  • Scaling Enterprise Workload.

Pro-level advertisers already appreciate the latest Search Ads 360 update to improve their strategies.

You will also see support for the new campaign types such as:

  • Discovery Ad Campaigns
  • Performance Max ad campaigns

The New Search Ads 360 with faster Navigation:

Marketers and advertisers are pretty familiar with Microsoft Ads and Google Ads.

Google has updated the Search Ads 360 platform like Google ads to save them from unnecessary design confusion.

Search Ads 360 Overview page looks like you are working on Google Ads.

It makes it easy for you to analyze performance changes and keep an eye on all accounts.

According to Google Search Ads 360, you will save 20% time using the updates platform.

New Google Search Ads 360 with Better Search Engine Support:

Now, Google Search Ads 360 offers better support for third-party tools.

Pro Advertisers tend to use multiple search engines for advertising their business.

With the third-party support feature, you can use features of other search engines features.

You will see Yahoo! Japan features and Microsoft Ad features in the Search Ads 360 platform such as:

  • Dynamic Ads for Search
  • Sitelink Extension Scheduling
  • Responsive search ads
  • Call extensions
  • Local inventory ads

Support for third-party tools in Google Search Ads 360 will save a lot of time as you need not switch the platform.

Google Search Ads 360 offer Advanced Enterprise Innovations:

Google has also introduced unique features in the updated Search Ads 360 platform.

Now you can use more ways to centralize and streamline the process. You can optimize your ads for multiple search platforms at the same time.

Automated rules builder in the new Search Ads 360: eAskme

  • Now, you can set automated rules and labels for multiple ad platforms.
  • You can also use the new template section for ad builder and inventory management.
  • The performance center is another important update for Google Search Ads 360. It helps in budget management.
Performance Center in the new Search Ads 360: eAskme


Google Search Ads 360 is an essential and time-saving platform for advertisers advertising on multiple search engines.

Now you can use updated tools and features to manage ad campaigns for popular search engines and media platforms from one place.

This is quite effective if you run multiple ads on more than one network.

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