February 14, 2022

How Do I Get Rid of An SR-22?

By Sona Mathews

If you find yourself applying for SR22 insurance, one of your main aims is probably to get rid of it.

This is because SR22 insurance can appear complicated, and there are numerous rules and variables to consider.

How Do I Get Rid Of An SR-22?: eAskme
How Do I Get Rid Of An SR-22?: eAskme

The most crucial thing to remember is that if you cancel your SR22 insurance too early, you risk losing your license and having to restart your probation.

Suppose you need to amend or cancel your policy. In that case, here's a quick guide on how to cancel an SR22 filing without being punished.

Can it be withdrawn?

You could have commercial truck insurance to protect you. Yet, when you prove to be a hazard on the road, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the court in your state may decide to order you to submit an SR-22.

This is a document that demonstrates you are financially accountable in the event of an accident.

While not all drivers will be required to provide this document, those with a history of traffic violations, fatal accidents, or reckless driving will be.

Sadly, there is no direct answer to this.

Though there are several methods to extend the SR-22 requirement, the legislation doesn't specify any criteria you must follow to lessen the SR-22 requirement, usually three years.

The sole exception is the duration you have the SR-22 with you, which varies by state and may be decided by the reason you require it.

Since the time between being detected in violation, convicted, and receiving the SR-22 varies, you may be lucky and retain it for less than three years.

For example, if a judge decides to backdate the SR-22 requirement by six months, you will only have to maintain the SR-22 for two and a half years. This is the only accepted method to minimize your SR-22 requirement.

People believe that not having a vehicle negates the necessity for the SR-22.

Technically, you don't need to bring the paperwork with you if you're not driving.

You will, however, need it as long as the record hasn't been dropped.

What you can do?

Individual states determine how long each driver's SR22 coverage must remain in force. In general, the needed period is between three and five years.

To be specific, call your state's DMV.

It's vital to realize that your SR22 doesn't simply disappear from the books.

When you have determined the precise day your SR22 status may be removed, you should contact your insurance carrier.

Similarly to when you filed the SR22, removing it involves the services of a car insurance provider.

As a result, your insurer will terminate the SR22 insurance coverage on your behalf and inform the state.

Suppose you attempt to cancel your SR22 before the mandatory SR22 filing period elapses. In that case, you may suffer the same penalties as if you had never filed at all.

When switching insurance companies?

Assuming you're one year into a three-year SR22, you wanted to switch insurance providers since you've discovered better coverage with cheaper costs.

If you cancel your old insurance before the new one starts, your SR22 coverage may expire. Once the state finds out about this lapse, you might be in big trouble.

To prevent this, wait a few days after the start of your new insurance before canceling your old one.


To prevent having one's driving privileges revoked, the SR-22 must be in force for the whole term allowed by law; in most states, this is three to five years after the suspension.

Let's say that the policy is canceled, transferred to a different insurance company, or otherwise disrupted during this period.

This may result in extra fines and costs, as well as a three to five-year delay in obtaining the certificate.

If you're obliged to have SR22 insurance, please check with your provider before making any changes.

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