August 03, 2021

Google’s 3 Strike Policy [Explained]

By Sona Mathews

What is Google’s New 3-Strike Policy?, What counts as a strike?, How to get the strike removed? What is the time frame? And What are the associated penalties?

Google’s 3 Strike Policy [Explained]: eAskme
Google’s 3 Strike Policy [Explained]: eAskme


Here, I am explaining everything to you.

What is Google’s 3-Strike Policy?

Google’s 3 Strike policy is related to suspending advertises accounts for repeated violations.

The new Google ad policy raised concerns as many advertiser accounts were incorrectly flagged for policy violation. A lot of accounts have faced suspensions without any reason.

Google understands the situation, and to make things right, they have launched the new 3-strike Policy. This Policy will let Google penalize accounts that actually violate its policies.

As the name suggests, advertisers that violate Google policies will get a maximum of 3 strikes before their accounts get suspended.

What are the violation categories?

Google will penalize three categories:

  • Dishonest behavior
  • Dangerous products or services
  • Unapproved Substances.

With these, Google will monitor the behavior and unethical services.

In the future, Google will expand the 3-strike program, but right now, they only have three categories included to launch strikes.

How to Appeal Disapprovals on Strikes?

If your ad account receives a strike by mistake, then you can ask for the removal. Then, all you need is to appeal for the strike disapproval.

What are the Different Strikes and Their Timings?

For the first time, the advertiser will only receive a warning.

But after that, he/she will receive strikes.

The age of strike is 90 days. So if the advertiser will receive more strikes within 90 days, then he will receive more strikes.

But if there is no more violation for 90 days, then the process will start from the beginning for the next violation.

  • The first strike will place 3 days hold on the account
  • The Second strike will place 7 days hold.
  • The third strike will suspend the advertiser account for repeated violation.

But if you get a strike removed for being incorrect, then it will not count.


Google’s Strike Policy is a good step to ensure that the advertisers with bad products or intentions will be removed from the platform.

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