February 28, 2022

H5P: A Must-Have Plugin for Your Elearning

What is H5P?

H5P is a plugin tool that helps LMS and CMS add interactive content to the course.

The entire purpose of using H5P is to use HTML files in your website, app, or any other eLearning browser and platform.

H5P: A Must-Have Plugin for Your Elearning: eAskme
H5P: A Must-Have Plugin for Your Elearning: eAskme

H5P is used by more than 20,000 websites and other eLearning platforms.

It can be used in any web browser and an LMS or CMS with a free H5P plugin installed or added.

If you do not have an LMS with an integrated H5P plugin, you can have a subscription and use it.

H5P acts as your course's background hero, making your content more engaging, fun, and interactive.

The use of H5P is to create interactive multimedia, slideshows, gamification, quizzes, surveys, etc.

Various LMS can add multimedia, such as MindFlash, Thinkific, and many more.

But in case your LMS has no feature to use any multimedia, you can use the H5P plugin.

How Does It Work?

A compelling reason to invest in H5P is its ability for eLearning programs to take advantage of HTML5, the latest version of HyperText Markup Language.

The code behind any web page is primarily HTML5. Other tools such as Flash and Silverlight compete with HTML, which is the technology that facilitates multimedia and interactive content.

Web browsers let you view or edit H5P content and import and export it.

The content can be created using the H5P plugin on any H5P-capable website, such as H5P.com, or your own LMS with the H5P plugin installed.

H5P is an open-source tool completely free of charge and available under the MIT license.

By integrating engaging content into your eLearning platform, you can offer new options to students and teachers.

For example, interactive videos allow learners to recreate live sessions in courses that learners complete at their speed, resulting in less scroll fatigue.

In the case of hybrid programs using small groups, microlearning, or adaptive learning, interactive content often becomes an essential factor, as it offers learners the opportunity to customize their experience.

How to add H5P in LMS?

To develop creative and engaging content in your LMS, you will have to install an H5P plugin.

Follow the steps below:

  • Steps: First, download the plugin from h5p.org.
  • Step 1: Open your LMS and log in with an administrator account.
  • Step 2: Open site administration, then click on Plug-ins.
  • Step 3: Select the H5P plugin and install it.
  • Step 4: Once installed, choose the course and start using H5P.

LMS integration:

Almost every web publishing platform is compatible with H5P. Several LMS and CMS such as Moodle, Drupal, and Joomla integrate H5P.

They are only designed with a few platform-specific codes, so you shouldn't face any difficulties incorporating them.

The most effective use of H5P is when incorporated into a comprehensive Learning Management System.

An LMS integration combines all elements of an eLearning platform so that the learning experience is unified and streamlined to minimize operational frustrations.

Many revenue-generating solutions include eCommerce, analytics, and a learning management system including H5P content.

Taking advantage of this provides learners with a convenient way to explore, purchase, and train all in one place.

With no additional add-ons or apps required, H5P is compatible with any platform that supports interactive content.

So, for example, if you're running an LMS that supports LTI, all you have to do is activate the plugin, and you're done!


Online learning has been used for a long time now.

People love courses that provide them with engagement.

A course that does not have videos, images, or other multimedia graphics is merely written content, and no one wants to read long scripts.

The best way to engage and interact with your learners is by having multimedia options available to them.

This can be attained by using the H5P plugin, which allows multimedia options and any device.

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