February 14, 2022

LinkedIn Update: New Sales Navigator Search and CRM Card features Launched

LinkedIn Sales Solutions has launched a series of updates for CRM cards and Sales Navigator. The core focus of these updates is to boost leads and improve efficiency.

Now, you will see a more optimized homepage, CRM integrations and improved search experience.

LinkedIn Has Updated Sales Navigator Search and CRM Card: eAskme
LinkedIn Has Updated Sales Navigator Search and CRM Card: eAskme

As these updates are for sales, these will help sellers and advertisers on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator launched in 2017 and is now an essential part of the sales funnel for most businesses on LinkedIn.

Here is everything you must know about these updates.

New LinkedIn Sales Navigator with better Search Experience:

The most important update is for LinkedIn’s Search Experience. This time you will experience visualization.

You will see all the filters in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn has also added two new options: "TeamLink Connections of” and “Company Headquarters.”

New Search Experience gives you real-time updates when you change filters.

It is easier to find accounts or target audiences on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM Updates:

The following important LinkedIn update is related to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM.

Advanced Plus users are the focus of this update.

LinkedIn has introduced “At-Risk Opportunities”, where you will see the open opportunities using Sales Navigator.

You can use this data to monitor opportunities and improve pipelines.

With enhanced CRM cards, you can easily navigate between platforms. You can see CRM cards in Contact Pages and Account Pages.

New LinkedIn Sales Navigator Homepage Feature:

The new sales navigator homepage includes “Bookmarked Tab”, Alerts Feed and the priority Accounts section.


Sale is a crucial process. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is trying to make things easy for marketers and sellers.

With the help of new and updated LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM cards, your team can quickly grab more leads and generate more leads.

More LinkedIn updates are coming this year.

Stay tuned with us to stay updated.

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