February 14, 2022

Twitter Reply Downvote: How to use it?

Twitter has launched the Twitter Reply Downvote feature that allows users to downvote any Tweet.

If you have been using Twitter for quite some time, you know that Twitter allows users to post tweets and retweet or like those tweets.

Twitter Update: Twitter Reply Downvote How to use it: eAskme
Twitter Update: Twitter Reply Downvote How to use it: eAskme

If you have Twitter followers, you will get likes, comments, and retweets on your Tweets.

What is Twitter Reply Downvote?

Twitter Reply downvotes are not for tweets but replies to your tweets.

It means that no one can downvote your Tweet, but you can downvote the replies of others and others can downvote your replies.

How to Downvote on Replies Twitter?

  • Open the tweet.
  • Click on the reply downvote button.

How to Undo Reply Downvote?

You may have downvoted a reply on any tweet by mistake.

Twitter reply downvotes are reversible.

You can click again on the downvote button to undo the action.

Are twitter downvotes Public or Private?

Twitter reply downvotes are private, and it means that others will not be able to see if you have downvoted a comment or not.

It is just between you and Twitter.

Twitter is collecting downvote data to understand the quality of the tweets or comments.

Why Has Twitter Launched Reply Downvotes?

According to Twitter, Reply Downvotes will work as feedback from the users and help Twitter prioritize quality content for you and everyone else on their platform.


Twitter Reply Downvote is not the first update in recent years.

Twitter updates its platform with the latest features and updates to ensure more people spend more time on Twitter.

As you know YouTube has removed dislike count and now Twitter has launched Downvote feature.

It is interesting to see how people will react to this.

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